Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication, Communication, Communication On May 1st I launched a new product, It was the most problematic launch I've ever had, including the server being down for several hours, and yet after 48 hours we'd still had only 1 refund. So what happened? One of the most important things with a launch is not just being properly prepared before hand, but paying attention to what's happening and being ready to respond to any problems. Within an hour [...]

Popular WordPress Developer Tool

Popular WordPress Developer Tool aka: How to break a high capacity cloud server... sometimes you come up with something that you know straight away isn't the usual 'run of the mill' offer... yesterday this proved to be even more the case than expected for my new WordPress product. In the first few hours of the new launch my brand new, "high capacity" cloud server got so much traffic it broke... I've had to upgrade the server to [...]