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After selling software to Law firms for over a decade I got bitten by the ‘internet marketing’ bug and started making money online in 2000, then turned full time in 2005, creating Matt Garrett Ltd. the same Year.

There’s very few things I haven’t tried and made at least some money from, from Domain Flipping to SEO & building thousands of sites across hundreds of Niches.

Over the last 7 years I’ve run and managed over 50 Software/SaaS/Digital product launches across several platforms, generating millions of dollars for my partners & myself.

I have a selection of blogging, SEO and marketing software, tools & training that you can see here:

If you are interested in promoting any of these offers to your own subscribers/customers please get in touch.

If you’ve a budding online marketer and struggling to get your product launched I can help get you over the line, check out my coaching here:

Feedback from partners: Tony Marriott @ Tony Marriott Marketing

If you want to know about product launches then Matt is the man to go to.
Why should you believe me? Well, I’ve personally and successfully launched around 50 of my own products. So I know more than a bit about launches.

But 12 months ago I met Matt and saw what he was doing with launches. He was clearly way ahead of the game. I was so impressed I immediately handed over all my launches to him.

How’s that worked out? Fantastic. Every one of the half dozen launches done by Matt in the last year has surpassed my expectations in both ease and income.

I am still amazed at just how much I have learned from Matt. Even after 50 of my own launches!

If you want products launching or want to know the right way to launch products then I highly recommend you talk to Matt.

John Merrick @ IM Wealth Builders

Matt’s constantly coming up with & testing out new strategies, and putting them in place has brought in thousands of extra sales!

He always has a checklist to get the plan completed without missing anything, which means I can relax and let him get on with things!

He also never panics if something goes wrong, he just finds the best way through so we can keep making money.

At the end of the day he brings me more sales and makes it easy to work with him!

Alex Copeland @ Rockstar Marketing

Matt is a fountain of knowledge having been in the internet marketing scene for longer than almost anyone else I know, and has that rare ability to not only know what he is talking about, but also able to teach others in a way that sticks.

I’ve been lucky enough to learn from him for my own business and also work with him on some of his. Matt is a busy man so if you have the chance to tie down some of his time you should jump at it, what you will learn will be worth 100x whatever he may be charging

Matt Garrett: Some ‘numbers/results’:

Note: these are from some of my own offers/launches, and do not include results from launches with partners

To your online Success!

Best Regards,

Twitter: @MattGarrett
Facebook: MattGarrettCom
Blog: Matt Garrett


  1. Matt ,
    Met you at the focus seminar in London last weekend. So thought I would search you on google my friend and come see what got going on here.

    I was at the seminar as a guest of Alex Jeffreys and really I just wanted to say hi to you and thanks for the tips you gave me over the weekend.

    Started my online business process now by starting a blog, if you want to drop me a comment that would be ace – http://www.deanholland.com .

    Seeing how you and others operate and live ( With no boss ! ) have gave me massive inspiration to acheive my goals.

    Thanks a bunch pal, hope to meet agaion some day


      • MattG
      • October 23, 2008

      Hi Dean,
      yup, I remember meeting you at the bar on the Friday night mate.
      well done on getting your blog up and running already!
      I’ve left a couple of comments for you. 🙂
      and gimme a shout if you need help on anything blog related. 🙂

  2. Just read through a couple of your blog posts, A good insight into adsense and affiliate marketing.
    Some detective work led me here, you will figure it out 😆

      • MattG
      • November 22, 2009

      yup, I recognise the domain name, used to be one of mine…
      good luck with it.

  3. Hi Matt,
    I stumbled across your blog today while searching for ways to increase my subscribers’ list. And truly I found your site very interesting and useful. I definitely will subscribe in to your list and learn more.

  4. Hi Matt, I have subscribed to receive your stuff & love to get it but they come too fast for me to read everything. Once a week would be enough.
    Cheers Jim

    • MattG
    • May 11, 2012

    Hi Jimmy,
    I’m looking at setting up a new weekly “summary” email as an alternative.
    I’ll mail about it as soon as it’s available.

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