Do You Get Twitter?

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I'm still not sure I do..

I've been using Twitter on and off for a couple of weeks now, I'm still updating on a fairly sporadic basis I've not quite got in to a habit yet, although adding the Twitter plugin to this blog has helped to remind me.

I actually signed up for an account at the end of Jan, but when I logged to check it out, I really didn't get it..

It was only thanks to Matt BackakΒ  deciding to "follow" me that I went back for another look, partly because I had no idea you could "follow" someone, and partly because I had no idea how Matt had found me or would want to follow my "Twitters", I still don't know why..

I checked out Matt's page and suddenly "got" the idea of following someone else's twitter's so promptly started "following" a whole bunch of people who's name's I recognized and suddenly started to "get" it, a bit, although it does seem that people use it quite differently.

Obviously many marketers, like myself, tend to use it to announce stuff they're "interested" in, although I've tried to keep it to simply "announcing" some of my blog posts that I think people might be interested in.

Other people (including some marketers) use it for all sorts of general stuff, including just day to day stuff that they're up to, which I also manage to do now and then, although often after some "mental lubrication", which may not always be the best idea. πŸ™‚

So two weeks in and I know have a dozen people following me, and what I find more amazing is no one has yet "un-followed" me, so I guess I can't be going to far wrong..?

I do like the basic idea that I can let anyone who's following me know that I've posted something new on my blog without me having to send out an email broadcast, but that's hardly unique, as RSS does the same thing, and I'm still not convinced people are really going to be that interested that I'm mixing Napoli Salami & Cambrozola with my Voddy & coke, not literally, obviously, but yes, that was one of my "Twitters" recently.

I think I mentioned it may not be a great idea to drunk Twitter.. πŸ™‚

I also find it a little irritating that the twitter page with the updates from the people I'm following doesn't automatically refresh every minute or so, meaning I need to click refresh now and then to see what's new.

I'm going to keep at it and see where it goes, and try to keep my drunken twitters to an acceptable minimum.

I'd love to know if you're using "Twitter" and if so, what for and what "results" are you looking for/have you had..?

Feel free to include a ink to your twitter profile so I can check it out and perhaps start following you too.

If, for some strange reason, you want to follow my twitters you can find me here:

Matt Garrett Twitters

I would at least recommend signing up and grabbing your name (or favorite nickname, or perhaps some keywords) for your own twitter account, before someone else does, even if you're not sure about whether you "get" it yet..

Update: I just re-read this post after posting it and I realised that Twitter is useful for one important thing if you're a marketer, it helps focus your mind on creating (or trying to create) short and catchy, attention grabbing "twitters", as you have a very limited space to "twitter" with.

Why's that useful?

Simple, it's great practice for writing short attention grabbing email subject headers and blog post titles, which is a very valuable skill...

40 comments on “Do You Get Twitter?”

  1. I'm starting to get Twitter and I love it. I'm using it as a heads-up on the buzz from various industries and early adopters. I'm using it as an early warning system for automated tests/services/page checkers. I'm using it to update my google calendar and GTDInbox.

    I'm certainly not using it as a chat tool. Finding out what people have for breakfast or mix with vodka πŸ˜‰ is just noise.

  2. Thanks for contributing this post to this week’s Carnival of Family Life hosted at Beauty and Personal Grooming! Although, at first blush, it really doesn't relate to the Carnival's theme, I included it because teenagers might be using Twitter and their parents need to be aware of their online activities.

    Be sure to check out the other wonderful entries this week! And if you would like to host a future edition of the Carnival, you can check out the schedule and then let me know the week you are interested in.

    Have a wonderful Sunday β€” and Easter (if you are celebrating)!

  3. Hi Matt,

    Twitter has many benefits that you may not have considered as of yet. When I look at my stats at how people arrive at my blog, many times I have found traffic coming directly from Twitter.

    I have an automatic post update on Twitter, and followers have even liked my posts enough to provide their followers a link to posts on my blog. Since I don't post every single day, having those automatic post updates are not bothersome to Twitter users, as if I'm simply on there to broadcast my own stuff.

    Using Twitter properly means building relationships with other bloggers on a more personal level, which is key to social networking. I've written several times on this very topic, and far too many people still don't "get it". Building online friendships and allowing people to get to know you more personally on Twitter (and through commenting) is something I cannot overemphasize.

    Having small conversations with others, answering questions and engaging has allowed me to build my personal brand on my blog, which so many A-Listers talk about as being vitally important.

    One of the things I've done numerous times is providing a tiny url link to someone else's post (not necessarily anyone I'm following or is following me) that I think others would enjoy reading. I've said many times that you have to "give to get", so promoting other people's posts has been something I spend a great deal of time doing. It works both ways, as people do the same for me.

    Do take the time to familiarize yourself with Twitter, build a following, engage with others personally on Twitter, and I do believe you will discover the many benefits of having done so.

    Since you asked in your post for anyone to provide their Twitter url, here's mine for anyone interested.

  4. Hi Matt. It's been helpful to get a sense of the daily lives of other people - the issues they face and places they visit. Like anything though, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when people put something out every 5 minutes.

  5. I joined Twitter a while back and then did nothing for some time and consequently nothing happened πŸ™‚

    Recently, I've made a more concerted effort and today I started following some of the advice in Alex Jeffreys' new videos. Result - I just about doubled my followers in a few hours. Now, Alex says you shouldn't promote stuff directly, but build a following to the point where they come to you, which makes sense.

    I've a little way to go before I reach that level on Twitter, but it seems to be working for him, so I think he's on to something!


  6. I joined Twitter after listening to Perry Belcher in a Webinar, and how he utilisers it. Can't say I understood too much, but what I did understand did make sense. So I started doing what he had said - sort of - and started following well know people like your self - LOL - and suddenly had people following me from where I have no idea, so I send them product links -not my own -. Will they read them or click? Who knows. It's worth a try, because it's rather strange the way it works, and I will just keep following and communicating and see what what happens. As it's viral, it wont stop.
    By the way, Matt, I do enjoy your Blogs. Learn a lot from them as I have just started a new blog.

  7. Hi Matt
    I did some testing with Trafficwave adtracking on Twitter posts, a while a go.

    Turns out Twitter is a great place to test messages, as you can see in real time the click through rate of the messages. If a tweet get no clicks then you can amend it repost and see what happens, great place for PPC advert testing,

    However the value of each message is very short lived, the click through rate falls away after a couple of hours as the timeline moves very quickly and people do not often trawl through your previous messages looking for idea for a competition perhaps.

    If you want to get followers then follow heroes in your niche, my latest twitter account was created in this way and has generated 170 followers with minimal effort from me.

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