Top 5 Twitter Tools

Here are my top five Twitter tools and sites for getting the most out of your twitter account and automating as much as you can to make your twitter experience, quicker & easier... 1st up, the most essential tool for any serious "twitteree", or "twitterette", imho, is a desktop app to make the whole experience easier. I started off with Thwirl and liked it's simplicity, but then came across TweetDeck The first time I looked at TweetDeck [...]

Do You Get Twitter?

I'm still not sure I do.. I've been using Twitter on and off for a couple of weeks now, I'm still updating on a fairly sporadic basis I've not quite got in to a habit yet, although adding the Twitter plugin to this blog has helped to remind me. I actually signed up for an account at the end of Jan, but when I logged to check it out, I really didn't get it.. It was only [...]