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Why on earth would anyone who has a list of subscribers want to promote someone else's affiliate link for a product launch, instead of their own...

I've actually done exactly that twice this week, and it's not the first time I've done it.


Fair Warning: I gotta warn you here, this is the longest blog post I've ever done, it's over 2,500 words...

I hope it's worth reading, but feel free skip bits when you think I'm "rambling".

As a reward for reading it, there's 2 x $50 cash (you need a paypal account to receive it) up for grabs somwhere down the bottom, but for the question to make sense, you will need to read at least some of the post... :twisted:


I earn a living online, and promoting things to my subscribers is a significant part of that income, although I am fortunate (or maybe I've just been doing this long enough) that I have enough other income streams (always important for a healthy business) that I don't have to rely on this one method of making money, which grants me a certain degree of freedom, as I mentioned in my last post.

but that doesn't answer why I would choose to promote someone else's affiliate link for a good/big product launch and miss out on a bunch of potential income..

"imho" (that means in my humble opinion, for any net newbies who've managed to stumble across my this blog) there are actually a LOT of reasons why it's worth doing this.

I think the best way to illustrate it is to give the 4 of the best example I can remember of when I've decided to do it, why I made that decision, and, of course, the "wiifm" (what's in it for me) factor:

1. a few months back Mike Filsaime launched his "7 figure code" product.

It was one of those BIG launches where almost every big name in the game was not only promoting, but offering BIG bonuses.

I was signed up as an affiliate, but a day or so before the launch I received an email from Russell Brunson with details of a bonus he was offering, which basically offered the chance to go and spend 2-3 days with Russ, seeing exactly how he runs his whole business.

Now as far as I was concerned, that was worth more than the cost of Mike's product, in fact I probably wouldn't have bought the product myself if it wasn't for that bonus, it was what I was really interested in.

In this situation I just didn't see how I could promote the product through my own affiliate link when I knew my subscribers would get far more value from Russ's offer, so that's what I did.

=> "what's in it for me"? (aka wiifm)

Well, in this case I was expecting to go and spend a weekend with Russ and learn a lot from that, which would (imho) make up for any potential loss of commissions.

note: I say "potential" loss of commission/income as in a situation like this launch it can actually be very difficult to make any sales at all, no matter how good the product, as the bonuses being offered by the "big guns" offer so much value, so in a case like this (imho), it's better for my business, to build the trust with my subscribers by showing them what I believe is the best bonus available.

as it happened, the "wiifm" factor didn't work for me, unfortunately "life" got in the way and I didn't get the chance to take up my bonus opportunity and have yet to meet Russ, but that's my problem.

I'm hoping that the good karma will come back to me at some point and I'll meet up with Russ, and if I'm lucky he'll remember me because of what I did, and yes, I did make sure his support team let him know I was promoting his offer, that's just common sense. 🙂

2. there was another big launch sometime last year which was a similar situation, "big names" offering BIG "bribes" bonuses for people to buy through their links.

With this one I simply didn't feel like trying to compete, so instead I put together a list of the bonuses on offer for my readers to choose from, and made a few notes as to which I thought were the best.

=> "wiifm"?

well, I have to admit on this one I simply thought I'd give my readers the chance to compare all the bonuses (and hopefully build more trust with them by doing so), and give my opinion on the bonuses available, as some really seemed to suck compared to others.

As it happens, one of the marketers who I picked as offering a "valuable" bonus was on my list and appreciated the mailing, and I've since JV'd with him, so (imho) good "marketing karma" can work..

so on to the most recent two examples from this week...

3. Keith Wellman had a big launch this week and I probably wouldn't have been on board as an affiliate (as I don't know Keith and haven't JV'd with him before), except for "happenstance".

Keith Wellman (KW) has apparently heard of Keith Baxter (KB) and wanted to send him an "attention grabbing" JV invite for the launch, so went looking for a mailing address for KB.

Now way back in 2005 I bought the TopKeywordLists.com membership site off KB (from the handsome profits that the keywords supplied, combined with KB's AdSense site building tool, had earnt me).

As part of the deal KB was kind enough to allow me to leave the salespage "as is", simply because it was written for him and the testimonials all refer to him, so it made no sense to change it, but we did change the postal address listed on the site to my business address.

So a couple of weeks ago I popped in to town to pick up my business mail and discovered a package that I wasn't expecting, including a personal JV invite DVD from KW to KB, as well as a real cool tiny flying remote control helicopter, which I kept, sorry Keith(s)!

being keen on doing the right thing, I let KW know he'd sent the parcel to the wrong address and got in touch with KB on his behalf.

I've just realized that the last few paragraphs are actually a bit off topic and more "backstory" than was probably necessary, sorry, I'll get back to the point...

So as I did end up being an affiliate for KW's launch, why didn't I promote my own affiliate link?

Well, I did kind of, you can see the actual blog post here: Keith Wellman's Million Dollar March

The problem I had with this one was that I didn't have a copy of the product, so I had no idea how good the product actually was, which always makes me think twice about promoting something.

To be fair, I have good reason to believe it's good, as I know that Charles Kirkland was one of the "test subjects" used to create the course and Charles's SEO Code Breaker is an excellent product that I did promote when it launched a while back (having had the chance to check it out beforehand, thanks Charles!).

Basically that was all the "recommendation" I could offer my readers about the product, so when I started getting emails from the "big guns" with big bonuses on offer, it seemed the simplest solution to also recommend that if someone was interested they should look out for emails with the bonuses and pick the best one..

caveat: I did include my own affiliate link in the post just in case anyone wanted to use it for some reason, and, as far as I know, no one did.

ok, last example as this post is getting a bit longer than I planned, although this could be the longest example...

4. Sometimes the reason for promoting someone else's affiliate link can be as simple as the fact that you get on with someone and are quite happy to "throw the business" their way, although it is very easy to do so when that person is also offering a VERY GOOD bonus for a launch where "BIG bonuses" aren't being thrown around like they've gone out of fashion.

OK, so I can't leave it at that, but this one requires not only more detail, but some (possibly unnecessary) "backstory" again, sorry..

Rob Benwell launched a new product a couple of days ago.

I didn't like his last product, and I told my subscribers exactly that, you can read the original post here:

Quick Fire Profits

now I dont like going negative on a product, in some ways I would prefer not to say anything about such a product, especially when it's from a well respected name like Rob (who's previous products I had liked, a lot), but it comes down to whether I'm actually doing the "job" that my subscribers subscibe for, i.e offer good advice..

If my job is to keep my readers informed not only about the stuff that is worth them looking at, then equally I have to let them know about stuff that I don't think is worth them spending their money on.

with this particular product I wasn't on board as an affiliate and when I checked out the salespage it looked interesting, so I paid up and went to check out what I'd paid for..

I was more than a little disappointed (perhaps because the sales letter did it's job to well), so much so that I requested (and promptly received) a refund..

How could I claim to offer my subscribers sound advice if I then neglected to tell them about this..?

I knew that doing so was potentially writing off any future possibility of JV'ing with Rob, but that's the price I have to pay (and will) for giving my subscribers my honest opinion, other wise why should they listen to me...

So when I found out Rob had a new product coming out, obviously I was interested in seeing what it was like.

As it happened I somehow (can't remember how offhand) discovered that Ben Shaffer was on board as an affiliate for the launch and I asked him if he could send Rob an intro for me, he was kind enough to do so and Rob replied letting me come on board as a (potential) affiliate (I guess he wasn't aware of my "review" of his last product).

He even let me have a review copy of the product to check out.

Whilst all the other affiliates for the launch were sending out their "it's live, go check it out now" promotion emails, I was sat reading the report and making notes.

This time I wasn't dissappointed and it was well worth taking the time to read, the notes I was making started off as notes for my subscribers, but quite quickly changed in to notes for myself as well.

Rob was back on form, but much as I was itching to now get a promo out for the report, I wanted to finish reading it so I could give my readers a clear picture of why Rob's new product was so much better than the last one.

By the time I'd finished reading the report and making my notes there was quite a pile of promo emails for it sat in my in box, so before I wrote my own promo I decided to have a quick look and see what other marketers were saying about it.

I deleted most of them, but then I came across Ben's.

Now I could say that I decided to promote Ben's links because I know he recently got hit with a fairly hefty and unexpected bill from one of those government departments that you REALLY can't ignore, and I know what that's like, I was there last year.

but to be fair, it was really the bonus he was offering that caught my eye, even though I'd already got a copy of Rob's report, the bonus made me tempted to go buy it again to get Ben's bonus.

So the solution was pretty obvious, let my readers know about Ben's bonus offer, after all, it was Ben who put me in touch with Rob, which allowed me to get a copy of the report for free to review, and made me want to promote the report..

it's back to marketing karma again, Ben did good by me, so it was easy to do return the favor and offer my readers the best value at the same time, one of those "win, win" situations, right?

so where's the "wiifm"...

=> "wiifm"?

now here's where you need to pay attention.

I am basically a decent guy, (but) I'm also a marketer (although certainly not the best around), as well as a guy who tries to look for the positive "angle" in any situation, and perhaps I'm also just a little bit sneaky, but in a good way I hope (imho).. 🙂

first of all, I'm now on Rob's JV list/"radar", so there's the potential of doing more JV's with him in the future (until he reads this post), and I'll be more than happy to promote his stuff if the quality of his future stuff is the same as this, as was all his stuff previous to Quick Fire Profits.

I actually paid full price ($500) for his Niche Domination course last year (and was very happy with it), which is included as a bonus for the new product, now that's one heck of a bonus..

although, from what Rob says in the latest report, my timing may not be perfect, as he's about to take a bit of a break from the IM JV world for a few months, while he concentrates on building his own business (fair enough imho), so I may not see any benefit from the potential new JV relationship for some time, but I'm a patient person too, the future always holds a LOT of potential..

now here's the "sneaky" bit (imho), I have no idea how many of my readers would have bought through my affiliate link, certainly not as many as did through Ben's link, as his bonus offer was damned good.

but then Ben and Rob don't know just how many of my readers DID buy through Ben's link..

what all three of us do know (yes, I made sure both Ben and Rob knew what I'd done) is that Ben has been one of Rob's top affiliates for the launch..

how much I managed to help out is unknown, but I'd like to think (and I hope they both agree with "my humble opinion") that my efforts were "helpful", possibly even "significant".

after all, my subscribers have been known to push me well up in to the top end of quite a few "JV competitions" (e.g. the current ultimate traffic launch, which ends on friday)...

So is that being "sneaky", or seeing an angle (although I have to admit I didn't think of the "angle" until afterwards, I'm not that sharp, honest), or just a good marketer, or just a good JV opportunity seeker, or simply seeing a good deal for my subscribers, or just a way of getting a new product to review for free because I wasn't sure I'd like it, or..?

##### 2 x $50 up for grabs!!! #####

If you've managed to read this far you deserve the potential of a reward, so I'm offering $50 each for the TWO best answers posted before Monday 10th March...

What potential "angle" have I missed?

I'll decide on my favorite answer and I'll ask Ben or Rob to decide on the second, if they'll agree to do so, or even still talk to me after reading this post...


If they haven't got the time, then I'll ask Neil Shearing to pick the second winner, if he doesn't enter himself that is..

note: "funny" answers will not be ignored. 😉

and if you're interested in what I thought of Rob's new product (yes, I really did like it and learnt some new stuff myself, which doesn't happen often nowadays, I've been doing this IM stuff a little while now) you can check out the full post (it's not as long as this one, I promise) here:

Is Niche Annihilation Another Turkey?

and last of all, I did warn you that it's a long post, the longest I've ever done I believe, so thank you for hanging in there and reading (or just scrolling?) all the way to the bottom..


26 comments on “Why Promote Someone Elses Affiliate Link”

  1. I read through it all without even taking a fag break! It was interesting to find out the thought process behind the mails we receive, thanks. Haven't got an entry yet, will go away and think of one 🙂

  2. Matt

    WOW. That was one long post but it was very interesting and a nice breath of honesty that people are just not use to seeing in the IM world. From that post I can tell you really look out for your people, which most people don't do.

    I'm glad you liked SEOcodebreaker.com

    If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

    Charles Kirkland

  3. hello matt

    i am from germany and i read through the whole post, uff...
    my english is not so bad to understand what you wanted to say
    about promoting antoher one's affiliate link.
    but my english is not so good to understand what you wnat to know from me -:)

    but this is a chance to thank you for imho honest reviews of new launches.
    i stumbled on your lazy git marketing some months ago and i bought it, but did not have to time to "install" it yet. but that will be some of my next activities after
    set up a blog.

    i appreciate your mails, your gifts you send on a regular basis and also the little "hidden" but very useful hints in your mails and book ( lazy git marketing )

    best regards from germany.

    1. Hi Juergen,
      Thanks for your comments!
      Grab a copy of my Free Blog Setup Guide here to help you get your blog up and running..
      I guess I could've made the question clearer, sorry..
      What I'm asking is if you can think of any other good reason for promoting someone elses affiliate links..?

  4. Hi Matt,
    What a long thought provoking post but indeed is one of the issue marketers faced daily. Most of the time we are hustling in getting offers to our lists or potential buyers whenever there is a new product launch. We are caught with "how much money will I get from this promotion if I make X of sales and so forth" mentality.
    No doubt about "we are marketers " and "making living from online" statement. But I guess as that as a human nature, even marketers are also selfish to certain extend based on the principle "WIFM".
    On the other side of the coin, our precious list or potential buyers will also act based on the "WIFM" in their buying decision. Hundreds of product are launch every day and claiming to be the best. If we put ourselves in the buyers ' shoes, we'll realise that there are too much distraction in getting the "needed" product. How can the buyers get to buy the best offered product?
    In my opinion, the "angle" that you (Matt) missed could be in monetizing on the product versus getting the best value for your list ie. the value of your win-win solution.
    Nevertheless, I enjoyed your post so far and looking forward for more valuable input.

  5. Dear Matt,
    I found your post very interesting. I am on lots of people's lists and therefore receive many offers for the same product. This may be a British perspective, but I have certainly got to the point where I choose to support certain marketeers over others; those who take the trouble to explain the product, those who are not frightened of being critical (actually they go up in my estimation quite a bit!) I don't bite at the "why you should not buy" line though, that's pretty pathetic. And, of course, I like to support those who I have found to be friendly, helpful and supportive to me, the struggling newbie customer.

    I also like individuality - a marketer's personal "gut reaction" to a product if you like, rather than a carefully crafted sales email. A case of know your list I guess!

    I tend to take a dim view of the standard promotional email (the marketeer just hasn't bothered to put his slant on the product, or hasn't even seen it), (don't they realise we get lots the same??!!) and people who have ignored support requests etc drop off my radar quite quickly too.

    One thing - speed is quite important. With Rob Benwell's latest I rather stupidly bought it very quickly - and missed a very nice offer from a partner which came out the next day. I was sorry, but not sorry enough to buy twice, or get a refund for the first purchase, which would have been a bit of a dirty trick. I actually wrote and offered to pay the amount of the affiliate commission for the bonus....

    I would like to comment on Rob Benwell's latest, but I think I had better keep that for another time!!

  6. Wow, Matt, I just joined your list this past week and so far, it's one of the few I've actually found helpful. I love your honest reviews, and I plan to really look into your book when I get the chance. Also, your free gifts are amazing :mrgreen:

    I'm an IM newbie, just started last month, so I may not see it the best as everyone else, but I think, through this recent experience, combined with your post and your history, you have the opportunity to close in on the "angle" of being a sub-affiliate.

    Like you said, it's hard to promote on this big launches, because so many of the big dogs offer great bonuses, it leaves us little guys to try and get the scraps.

    I can see future jv for you, not only with the official product creator, but as the "go to guy" for the big dogs that are in the JVs with the product. If the big dogs know that Matt will promote their affiliate link, if they offer the best bonuses along with the product, they may start contacting you to be a sub-affiliate, or sub-JVer.

    What this means, is, you will get the opportunity to possibly check out all the bonuses that the big dogs are offering, and have the best bonus launches at your disposal. You then, in essence, become a promoter of the bonuses, their affiliate links, and, if you chose, the actual product being promoted.

    This also frees you up from promoting products that you don't really want to recommend to your list, but still make money off of the launch of such products based on the bonuses being offered by others.

    The big dogs ( though to me, you are a big dog as well, and honest, which I love) would be willing to "sub-contract" out some of their affiliate earnings, based on some type of agreement made with you, in exchange for you boosting their affiliate rank for one of their JV launches.

    Well, sorry for such a long post, and maybe I totally missed it, as I said, I am just learning this IM thing, but plan to be around, maybe one day I can do a JV with you! 😎

    thanks, Joe

  7. Hey Matt,
    Missed an angle? I don't think so. I read the whole post. It was a nice break from work, even though I should be focusing. 🙄 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the story and the emails that I get from you, too. Getting yho is a bit of fresh air from so many of the emails I have been getting lately. I am in the process of unsubscribing from a good many as I had over 300 in my in box today. I am finding them overwhelming, too time consuming to read all of them, and end out deleting too many without reading as I know it is the just the same ol' crap from the same people all of the time. Thanks for the honest input and for keeping it interesting.


  8. Dear Matt,
    Pity the poor Newbie like me, who never miss any angle but the whole block of what you are talking about. As if we don't belong to your stated subject matter.

    Anyway, just for the thought of winning- tisiifm (there is something in it for me), I participated, and as far as I'm concerned what you did is what we call in Filipino "pakikisama" or comradeship. Where, your participation or affiliation to the Big Guns, will prove redeeming for them, in their racket-launching mafia. It maybe pays for them to use a good guy like you. I don't now really...! 🙄 Thanks for bothering to tell me.


  9. Hi Matt,

    I read the entire blog post. To answer your question if I read it correctly, is whether you've missed any angles on how to best position yourself for future Jv opportunities with Rob Benwell?

    My answer to this question is one that I received from my mentor, Henry Gold.
    The ideal and most beneficial way to introduce yourself would be to provide something of value to Rob. Yes, you may have sent him significant affiliate sales but you can't tell that with certainty at this point per your blog post.

    Study his campaign or business and offer a viable service that you know would benefit his business that he maybe overlooking or make his business life easier in some way.

    Good, smart business people are more inclined to listen to you in the future after you have freely "sowed" time or assistance generously into their business.

  10. I think a previous comment alluded to the best way to take advantage of this...being known as the best "sub-JV" partner (there must be a prettier way to say that! 😆 ) . The previous commenter said she was in the process of unsubscribing to a lot of lists because it's simply TOO MUCH! So your USP could be that YOU are the person to listen to because you have access to the best JV offers, therefore if they come and consider each offer with your explanation of bonuses and benefits, you'll become, as Rich Schefren say, an "IM Product Maven".

    I can't tell you how many times I"ve purchased a product through one affiliate, only to get a promo a few minutes later with a killer bonus and I've been kicking myself. See, you could prevent all those bruises on my backside. If I knew that at major launches I could come here, cut through the crap, get an honest evaluation PLUS the best offers (or at least know what the various offers were), you'd be the obvious trusted source of new products.

    I'm sure you can figure out how to monetize this with private arrangements with the various JV partners you'd be working with. In the long run, you'd especially be building your own credibility factor and increasing your visibility as a promoter of excellence and honesty.

    So what I'm suggesting is that the angle you're missing is that of an accelerated ride to the top of Maven status (which you'll be able to monetize even more than the income from private agreements with the affiliates), really a long-term business strategy more than an income-now strategy.

    Kudos to you for your out-of-the-box thinking in the first place, Matt!

  11. Hi Matt.

    Now I too am kicking myself, because to be honest I can't even remember who referred me to Rob's product to know what bonuses might have been on offer. Maybe it was you and that's why I got none?

    There are a couple of reasons for that. Like some of the other replies, I subscribe to a number of lists, and often I don't read the standard sales pitches as many of them are just the supplied pitch. If I get a lot for the same product then I figure it must be a recognised product and I just click the link to see whats on offer.

    Also, with Rob's launch, I got the email from which ever lucky affiliate, as I was sitting at my computer commiserating having only managed to be the under bidder on Brett McFalls eBay auction for his new book. I had to drop out because it set a record for the highest priced non fiction book on eBay (not sure if that's international or just Australia) at $8105.00.

    So I saw Rob's book and thought why not, but then of course, he had a very tempting up-sell for his back offer, and well, I had to buy that too.

    What does all this have to do with your question?

    I agree with the previous poster. If you position yourself as the guru to go to for the low down on what is the best offer for each launch, I would happily remove myself from a bunch of other email clogging lists, and just spend the time reading your emails when they come in.

    If you build your brand around that concept, you could easily become the guy who "makes or breaks" any affiliate's efforts to be the #1 seller in any launch. I think with that reputation, you could easily find a partner to negotiate a slice of the pie.

    And I would know who to blame for sending me to a product launch and what bonuses I should have got !!!

    Great work Matt, keep the tips coming.

  12. Good idea Stevie, but don't you get the impression that most of the gurus just chuck their offers together and send a broadcast out in quite a casual fashion? Some of these guys have huge lists and all they need to do is play the numbers game. They know that x percent will buy, and that a simple email offering one of their past products as a bonus or OTO will bring in x thousands of dollars. Yawn. Perhaps I sound very jaundiced but I don't think most could care about having the "best" offer from the customer's viewpoint. There are always exceptions of course, and it can be quite amusing to watch when there's a big competition on for top affiliate.

    Sorry Matt, bit off topic! I seem to be more interesting in trying to give feedback to the big fish than in winning your competition!

    I do like to think that guys who can be kind, and remember what it was like to be earning a big fat zero, will turn out the most successful in the end. Hey, I must be a romantic!

  13. Hi Matt,

    I think there are 2 further possibilities to the angles mentioned...

    1 - the possibility of you using the techniques mentioned to build up a rolodex of 'names', leading to an added income stream of JV broker at some future point.

    2 - Also, and one I've considered when doing similar in telling my subscribers of other bonuses for products I have promoted (With one of John Thornhills products I actually told my list to chose the offer that best suited their future needs and mentioned 3 or 4 other marketers offers as well as my own)
    My feelings and actions weren't as altruistic as they may appear - because as you have touched on .... your list (and hopefully mine too) will have appreciated your honsety and therefore we are potentially building a better relationship.....
    BUT - the other aspect is this:
    By solidifying that relationship now with people who may be starting out.... there is every possibility of someone going on to really big things at some point in the near to distant future ---- well that's the pay off! -- when they remember who has honestly helped and guided them in their past, I suspect there will be a far greater chance that they will always make time to JV with you and I, and/or even get us introductions to the names whom they will come to know!

    I realise this is very long term thinking, but then, I don't plan on ever working for anyone else again, so I should still be around....lol
    (And what the heck - I'll admit it, it really does make you feel good helping people out who go on to let you know that they appreciated it - regardless of income potential!!)

    Right - I'll shut up before I end up on a 'ramble'.....lol


  14. OK, it's Monday, the competition is now closed, thanks for all the comments.
    I'll get Ben & Rob to have a look through and pick out a winner each and post they're choices asap.


  15. oh, quick update while I think about it, if Rob & Ben both choose the same post, then I'll choose a second one to make sure we have two winners.

  16. I think that I will choose my winner as Steve Knight. I think that marketing is about getting your message across to your prospects despite all of the other distractions that may be happening. By positioning to your readers the idea that you are the person who will give their honest opinion and point out to them who is offering the best bonus, then you will achieve this.

    Best Wishes,

    Ben Shaffer

  17. Thanks Ben, and good choice!
    I'll let Rob pick the second winner before I add any more feedback.
    and well done Stevie, I'll get in touch via email so we can get the cash sorted for you.

  18. Thanks! This is awesome! I appreciate the opportunity to participate, and my advertising budget thanks you as well! 😉

    One of the most challenging aspects of having a "real business" on the internet, as opposed to just having a presence there, is determining what your best assets are and focusing on those. I'm working on that now myself. You're way ahead of me Matt and I appreciate your example and letting us weigh in to some degree!

    Expect success!

    Stevie Knight

  19. Rob's had chance to read through the entries now and has chosen Joe as his winner, so Congrats to Joe!
    [Joe, please send me your PayPal address so I can send you the cash]

    Thanks to everyone for taking part in my first blog competition, and it certainly won't be my last, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one...

  20. wow! uhm, I honestly wasn't expecting to win lol, I just learned so much form the post and the other replies, things like this get you thinking about marketing in a whole new light. Honesty is the best policy, I know it sounds redundant but it's true.

    I feel if people know and trust you to give the best information according to the information you have, they will be more loyal, I've only joined your mailing list a week ago and you are already at the top of my list of people to follow. I see with you it's not just about selling products to your list, but actually being thorough in your suggestions, trying to help out whomever you can.

    Everyone else had some great posts, and I am glad I found this website, I know it will come in handy along my journey, as I plan to be a regular.

    Thanks fellas for the opportunity and the boost of confidence that I may know a little bit about what I am trying to do, I really appreciate it. And hey Matt, since you're the big dog sub-contractor around these parts....maybe I can work up to being a foreman or something..... :mrgreen:

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