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This is a quick review and overview of the Auction Flipping Success System, how it works and what you need to know about it.

I've personally tried out Auction Flipping Success, and had some success with it, so this review is based on my own experience of using the system for real…

Here's the link for the site if you want to check it out for yourself -

and I've got a couple of bonuses if you buy through my link!

In fact I'll also cover a secret way that I use to make sure that the domains I choose for this always have the highest value possible.

I'll cover that at the end of this review, so make sure you read till the end, no skipping ahead! 😉

How the System Works

To start off with buying and flipping domain names is best done using

There are other sites that you can do it on as well, but Flippa is the best, with the biggest marketplace of active buyers.

If you do want to look elsewhere then try

There are two key elements to make this system work and to make sure it is easy to sell these domains and starter sites quickly…

  1. We add a basic starter site template to the domain - this is a basic one-page site that is related to the topic that the site is about.

obviously this adds real value for the buyer because, they're not just getting a domain name, they're getting a fully set up and functional niche affiliate website with built in lead generation (in the form of an optin form) and monetization (in the form of an affiliate offer)

This is one of the key elements with auction flipping success, not only do you get tutorial videos showing you exactly how to do everything step by step, you also get start site templates you can use to be up and running immediately

Note: having an optin form on the site also gives us the opportunity of an extra affiliate commission if they don't already have an autoresponder system that they use.

AND it adds value for the buyer as they are able to start building an email subscriber list immediately, I tend to include the option of me setting up their autoresponder and some follow up emails for them as well to push up the value even further.

Again this is all covered in the training included, nothing is left out!

  1. The second key element is making sure that you choose domain names that have real value in GoDaddy's domain valuation tool, which is free to use.

again this is something covered in detail in the tutorials (both the pdf and the videos), and it is pretty simple to do.

My first tip for making this easier is to use general purpose keywords as either the prefix or suffix for the niche keyword

For example if the starter site is about Cannabis Oil (or CBD) then you search for domains like TopCannabisOil, TopCBDOil, BestCannabisOils, etc.

and the same can be done with Suffix words, such as CannabisOilDiscount, CBDWorld, CannabisOilsNews etc.

If you pick up a copy of Auction Flipping Success using my link below, then on the download page there will be a link for my bonus which includes my own case Case Study & Extra Working Advice for using this system based on my own experience.

AND you get a list of great prefix and suffix terms that will work well with many different niche sites across most niches.

These are based on my 20 years of experience choosing domain names for building niche sites across hundreds of niches.

Once you've brainstormed some domain name ideas you need to run them through the GoDaddy valuation checker to make sure that the have a high valuation -

Just pop the domain name in the search field and hit go

You're looking for domain names that have a value of around $1,000 or more to make sure they have real appeal for potential buyers.

You can then register these domains for just $10 on GoDaddy (or elsewhere) ready to setup your starter site template on.

You can start to see why this process works so well, and the potential for profit, providing you pick the right domain name to start with.

Having registered your domain you then need to update the nameservers to point at your web hosting, go to your webhost and setup WordPress on it.

If you need help with this you can watch this video on Lbhghor punaary (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow" class="rank-math-link">zl Lbhghor punaary:

WP Setup on hosting Tutorial:

Having installed wordpress you then go simply use the free version of the All-in-One Migration plugin to setup your new starter site with your chosen template, and this is covered in detail in the training.

That's all there is to the preparation, then it's simply a case of going to your Flippa account and starting a new auction for a "Starter Site", which is one of the options available, and is the cheapest offer you can run.

Simply click on the Sell button, pop your domain name in and follow through the steps that Flippa leads you through.

The biggest part of this is putting in a full site description for potential buyers, and again they have you covered with a template that you can quickly edit to fit your domain name and chosen starter site niche/template.

Auction Flipping Success Walk Through Video

I do also run through this in my full walk through video here -

The training for Auction Flipping Success itself really does walk you through ever step to make sure nothing is left out and you can be up and running really quickly!

I promised I'd also share my secret for making sure the domains you pick always have significant value in the GoDaddy valuation tool, it's actually an app that helps you find expired or expiring domains.

These are domains that have previously been registered by people and then for whatever reason not renewed.

There's something like 100,000 of these become available every day, but you need a quick way of searching for one's that are related to your niche keywords.

This app let's you do this and shows you how much they are valued as in GoDaddy, cutting your work in half at least!

Here's a demo video on how this expired domain search app works -

There is a link for the software below that video.

Note: it is a paid tool, but it's just $20 a month, and you can use it as much as you want, so you could sign up, grab a bunch of valuable domains and then cancel your subscription until you've sold them all…

These expired domains can also have backlinks and existing traffic coming in to them, which can increase their resale value massively, so it's an amazing way to boost your success with flipping sites.

Auction Flipping Success Summary -

If you're looking for a new way of building a side income online which doesn't require having your own website, email list, youtube channel etc. then this is a great way to go!

Get Auction Flipping Success HERE


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