DoshDosh Thinks Twitter Is….

Discussion of twitter seems to be all the rage at the moment, so I thought I'd chip in, again. I posted something a while back about "getting" twitter, and I have to say that whilst I am finding it worthwhile for myself, I can still understand why some people think it's just another time sucking social black hole. I now spend more time than I would prefer each day keeping an eye on my twitter feed, I [...]

Do You Get Twitter?

I'm still not sure I do.. I've been using Twitter on and off for a couple of weeks now, I'm still updating on a fairly sporadic basis I've not quite got in to a habit yet, although adding the Twitter plugin to this blog has helped to remind me. I actually signed up for an account at the end of Jan, but when I logged to check it out, I really didn't get it.. It was only [...]