My recent blog post competition brought up some great suggestions, one of which I’m going to start as of today..

Rob Benwell has another big launch going on today, it’s for his new IM Annihilation product, of which there are only 1,000 copies up for grabs.

I’ve already had quite a few emails from internet marketers promoting it today, but 4 cuaght my attention as they are offering bonuses for buying through their affiliate link, so here’s the details so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, in alphabetical order:

Guru: Ben Shaffer
Affiliate Link:
Offer details:
512 page website with .info domain name, setup and 1 years hosting
Offer Limit: first 50
To Claim Offer:
clickbank nickname: shafferb1

Guru: Chris Freville
Affiliate Link:
Offer details: bonus #1 personal coaching – a one on one private “pre-launch” phone call with Chris for your next product
bonus #2 affiliate mailing to his list for your product
Offer Limit: first 20 only
To Claim Offer: email receipt to chris freville
clickbank nickname: blakes7

Guru: Dave Gale
Affiliate Link:
Offer details: bonus – $297
Offer Limit: only for first 25
To Claim Offer: email receipt to dave gale
clickbank nickname: audiowiz

Guru: Eric Rockefeller
Affiliate Link:
Offer details: pre launch access to his next product
Offer Limit:  none
To Claim Offer: email receipt to eric rockefeller
clickbank nickname: erocafella

UPDATE: New bonus:

Guru: Michael Rasmussen
Affiliate Link:
Offer details: 45 min Audio interview with Mark Ling on how to make $15,000 per week with ppc, inc. resale rights
Offer Limit: none
To Claim Offer: email receipt to Michael Rasmussen
clickbank nickname: mrasmussen

Simply check that the “Affiliate = nickname” is correct at the bottom of the clickbank order page.

I’m not going to make any recommendation as to which one of these bonuses is best, as that would just be my opinion and would be effected by which one is the best offer for my business, not yours..

I hope this helps you to get the best deal on IM Annihilation, but if you’re not interested in getting any of the bonuses, feel free to use my affiliate link :wink: : –

IM Annihilation