The best bonus offers from guru’s for big launches..

Commission Gorilla Demonstration Video

Commission Gorilla Demonstration Video This amazing new software makes it super simple and amazingly quick to create bonus offers and download pages to maximise your promotion conversions, check out the video below: Click the link below to see the bonus page I built in the demo video for yourself, and check out all the bonuses up for grabs:

Affiliate Payload Bonus Offers

Alex Goad released his new Affiliate Payload report today, you can find out what I think of it in my full review here: - Affiliate Payload Review There haven't been as many bonuses on offer form other marketers as I'd expected, but I did spot four worth listing, so I thought I'd list them here as usual, along with my own of course. :)  ~##~ I'm going to list mine first, but there are 3 other bonuses [...]

Players With Money Top Bonuses

Alex Goad's new Players With Money was released today and although it's been promoted by a whole bunch of marketers, I've only seen a couple of bonuses on offer. I've even seen a LOT of people using the default email for this one, in fact one marketer had even left one of the "LINK HERE" place holders in the email.. lol! here's the bonus offers I have found, in alphabetical order: - Guru: Rob Benwell Bonus Offer: [...]

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