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Have you evern wondered what people actually do when they visit your website or blog?

Which bits they read, which bits they oom past, which links they click on...

OK, maybe it's just me being nosey...


anyway, I found a way of doing exactly that recently and it's way cool!

oh, there is one downside, it's a bit like when you "get" facebook, you can suddenly lose hours as they fly by without you noticing...

The system I've been using to "spy" on my website visitors actually records what they do on your sie, including where their mouse goes and what they click on, which can be very revealing..

I've also stuck it on a few of my product salespages to see what people do, whether they do really just scan the bullet points or zoom straight down to the price or the "P.S." at the bottom.

This system works by you inserting a bit of code at the top and bottom of the pages you want to have "recorded", so it's pretty simple to do, especially for blogs as you can just edit the header and footer templates and have every page on the blog tracked..

If you're interested in taking a look at it I've done a video of me playing with it here:

Internet Marketing Videos

it's the second video down, called "Recording Site Visitor Behavior".

let me know what you think...

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