Do Bribes and Bonuses Work?

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With more and more "affiliate marketers" promoting the same products and fighting over the potential commissions available it's becoming common for marketers to offer bonuses for the "Big" launches, but is it worth it for any launch/product..?

that's actually a loaded question in a way, as it's exactly what I'm doing today, I've just made probably my biggest bonus offer or "bribe" for a product launch in a LONG while..

Recurring Income With No Website Bonus Offer

so why am I offering such a big bribe for this product?

2 reasons..

1st, it's a very good product and I know that anyone who goes for it will be happy with their decision, so it's worth me giving them a bit of a "push" if they're sitting on the fence..

2nd, I'm feeling a bit competitive and I'd like to see if I can get a bit higher up the leaderboard before the JV competition closes at the end of today, as at the moment, my firend Ben is one place above me...

Will it work?

I guess we'll have to wait and see, I'll post the results here once the competition is closed.



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