7 Day No Website Cash Plan

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Here's a quick and simple plan for making some cash in just 7 days (or less) without needing a website, it was my answer to an email I recently received from a subscriber who wanted to know how he could get a bit of cash in a hurry without having to spend any money up front...

1. Do a bit of keyword research to find a suitable “non-high competition” niche.

Use the free version of WordTracker here: http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/

2. Use the best 22-25 keyphrases to write 20-25 artilces for the niche, writing 4-5 articles per day is a pretty easy target to achieve, with a bit of pratice it should only take an hour or so each evening to knock out the articles.

You can do the research for the articles quite easily by using big article directories like EZineArticles.com, just make sure you write original articles, don't copy or plagiarise!

3. Then sell those article as a “private label” package on The Warriors Forum as a Warriors Special Offer or "WSO".

If you charge just $7-$15 for the articles pack you can easily sell 20+, giving you $140 to $300, which gives yo uan extra $560 to $1,200 a month income, which you can then re-invest in your business..

and don't forget to set up an autoresponder (try AWeberFreeTrial.com) and grab all those customers names and emails, they are likely to also be interested in any new PLR article packs you create, so next time around you should sell even more..

4. An easy way to “add value” would be to also reasearch and add a list or recommended affiliate programs to go with the articles, this should take less than an hour using the Clickbank marketplace.

5. You can make even more from the same articles by doing more than just selling them as plr articles on the Warriors Forum, for example you could also put them all together to make an ebook and submit that to a bunch of ebook directories for the backlinks to one of your sites, and then sell plr rights to the ebook on the digitalpoint forum, although you will get an even better price if you add a default sales page, download page and some graphics.

Just to help out, here's a list of ebook directories that you can submit to:


For an alternative method, that takes longer, but builds a recurring income without needing a website, check out Luke Parker's system


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