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Internet Marketers Philippines Disaster Fund

Internet Marketers Philippines Disaster Fund Right now there's a large group of people who need our help. Back in November the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon  Haiyan, known locally in the Islands as Typhoon Yolanda. I won’t get into all the heart-wrenching details. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty on TV about it, and read even more online... Instead let me just hit you with a number... 4,000,000… That’s how many Filipinos are now homeless due to the [...]

Internet Marketing Business or Hobby?

Is Internet Marketing a real Business for you, or just an expensive hobby..? I've heard a fair bit of "grumbling", even from some well known "guru's", that their earnings have dropped off over the last 9 months or so, but in the same period my business (and yes, it is a business, not a "hobby") has increased it's profits by almost 40%... How..? Simples... I've been constantly adding new products to my "funnel"! and this is what [...]

Valuable info from Jon Leger

so two minutes later I get a perfect example of someone who really does provide value in their emails, Jonathon Leger. Unfortunatly he's not posted this one on his blog (which is well worth visiting), so I can't link directly to it, but the email is basically explaining about how some people will steal your sites bandwidth by using your images on their sites.. I not only recommend checking out Jon's blog, but sign up for his [...]