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Internet Marketing Business or Hobby?

Is Internet Marketing a real Business for you, or just an expensive hobby..?

I’ve heard a fair bit of “grumbling”, even from some well known “guru’s”, that their earnings have dropped off over the last 9 months or so, but in the same period my business (and yes, it is a business, not a “hobby”) has increased it’s profits by almost 40%…



I’ve been constantly adding new products to my “funnel”!

and this is what can change your internet marketing “hobby” in to a real, long term, business!

With out your own product line you’re always going to be at the mercy of others…

Yes, it is easier to just be an “affiliate” for other people, but you’ll make a LOT more money with your own products!

AND it’s really a lot easier than you probably think.

In the last 10 months I’ve added 25 new products to my “funnel”, it would be more if I hadn’t got a little “lazy” over the summer months, and I have another already planned between now and December.

Once you get in to this, it really becomes a simple “system”, and it becomes a little addictive! lol!

I’ve found that the “theory” that people will buy more of your own products than someone else’s is VERY true, and the more products I add to my funnel, the better it gets…

On top of this is the amazing effect it has on your list building efforts, when I buy a “Solo Ad”, as long as the ad “more or less” breaks even in the first few days, I know that over the coming weeks it will end up making 2-3 times more in pure profits as thos new subscribers go through my “funnel” of products.

that means I can just concentrate on finding new sources of solo ads and other traffic!

do you see how this make the difference between a “hobby”, where you’re always running as hard as you can just to “keep up”, and a real business, where you’re actually in control..?

I hope so! 🙂

so now it’s time for you to start building your Business, by starting to build up your funnel.

Get all the details here ~> Build Your Info Product Funnel

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  1. September 18, 2011 at 3:55 am

    While I haven’t created any products of my own, I can see myself creating multiple products. I have no doubt that I’ll soon have my own funnel in place. Just the thought of the variation and potential within the product line is both exciting and amazing. You are right on!!