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Making your site ADA Compliant isn't something you can put off until tomorrow...

it seems there are a fair number of legal firms seeking out sites that don't comply, or cases they can prosecute!

Quick Summary:

  • In 2018, a historic supreme court judgment caused a surge in website owners being sued for non-compliance with ADA
  • 1,500+ legal cases related to non-accessibility compliance in new york alone in 2018
  • More than 10,000 websites sued in 2019 for their website not being ADA compliant
  • This number is expected to hit 100k by next year - 2021
  • Unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a company for non-compliance
  • The law provides no time for a company to take action before a lawsuit is filed, and it offers no real defense to a company after a lawsuit has been filed
  • Most business/website owners sued pay between $20 - $200k as out of court settlement. A recent settlement was $6m
  • Businesses have spent an average of $3k - $50k to get their website fixed. (HUGE OPPORTUNITY - Even if you charge $1k per client). $1k per website x 400 million websites online = $400 billion

With all these, it’s only a matter of time before being ADA compliant becomes an issue for you, your company, or your clients...

This is why I regard the ADA Compliance Accessibility Widgets APP such a timely solution that solves a really pressing and potentially “expensive” problem, for all us website owners.

ada compliance oftware

ADA Comply comes with a number of web accessibility tools (as you can see in the pic above, and in action on the right hand side of this page):

  1. Text to speech
  2. Zoom feature
  3. Cursor select
  4. Reader font
  5. Highlight feature
  6. Alt text for all images and graphics
  7. Dark mode
  8. Auto-create an accessibility compliance statement

And a whole lot of other features necessary to satisfy the ADA compliance requirements

Internationally ALL websites have to comply with the Web Accessibility Guidelines.

On top of that, ALL sites inside the US have to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

I.E. your websites MUST be accessible to people with disabilities, for example anyone with hearing or visual issues, or who uses a hearing aid etc. when they’re online.

If your or your client’s website doesn’t comply, your business can be sued easily and quickly.

In fact, there have been over 10,000 (!) lawsuits over this in 2019, just in the US, by some opportunistic law firms taking advantage of this little known law.

And worse is the fact that businesses have to settle in all these cases, and the average amount to settle is $50,000.

If you'd like to seen how quickly and easily you can get all YOUR websites compliant and in addition, how to do the same for your CLIENTS, then check out the ADA Compliance tools HERE.

If you offer services to Local Businesses you can even sell this unique service to your clients.

This is a much needed service that can use to save your clients tens of thousands in legal fees & headaches.

The 'Agency Version' even comes with Lead Generation features built in to make it super easy to land clients, as well as a detailed Website Analysis Report that you can use to show you EVERYTHING that particular website is lacking when it comes to compliance!


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