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Boost Your Google Rank Without Backlinks

Back links aren't king of the hill when it comes to SEO anymore...

don't get me wrong, they still help

but with the right content (and a new I discovered) you can rank without spending all your time building links!

I stumbled across this underground tool a few months ago and have since tested it out on a couple of my blogs...

and I've been blown away by the results!

but I'm getting ahead of myself, let's take a step back and set the scene...

I spend so much time working with clients nowadays that I've seriously neglected some of my websites for several years now!

in fact one of my older blogs that I started way back in 2008 hadn't had any new content since 2014...

at the start of this year I decided to do something about it and started adding some fresh content - 4 posts over the last 4 months

I also decided to spruce up the blog with a new theme/design

and to get back up to speed on my own SEO knowledge, which turned out to be a bigger job than I'd expected...

I've been optimizing my own sites since I started building niche sites way back in 2000, but Google are always updating how they 'rank' sites, so I went down the rabbit hole and spent a few weeks updating my SEO skills

I'm glad I did, back links are no longer the be all and end all of ranking!!

in the process of upgrading my own knowledge I happened across an underground tool that is designed specifically to work WITH Google's new 'machine learning' to prove your site has the real values that google are looking (NOT back-links)

giving these positive signals to Google triggers higher rankings naturally...

so what happened to the blog that I tested this tool out on..?

300%+ boost in rankings WITHOUT new backlinks...

yup, I got over 300% improvement in targeted keyword rankings with ZERO new backlinks!

Boost Google Rankings

there's a new King of SEO when it comes to ranking your pages in Google 'SERPS'

it's all down to their "Rank Brain" machine learning algorithm, and it's leveling the playing field for website owners like you and me

people who don't have the time, or money, to compete with the long established players when it comes to building links...

that's the wonderful thing, it doesn't matter anymore, that's not what Google are focusing in on for deciding whether to rank your site!

While I was upscaling my SEO knowledge, I kept coming across hints that SEO has had a shake up, things have changed

and I've spent the last couple of months testing this theory out with the app that I discovered (accidentally) that gives Google what they want!

when it kicked in (it can take a week or two to start seeing results) it pushed my rankings up across the board for the targeted keywords

it even got my pages ranked for new keywords in the process!

but was it a fluke?

was it just 'coincidence' that my rankings improved..?

there was only one way to find out, right?

yup, I tried it on another site of mine, this time a blog in the HIGHLY competitive SEO niche...

Beating' Google’s new algorithm - by working with it)

bear in mind that I've not touched this site in 7 years, no new content, no back links, nadda!

I decided this would be another perfect test site for this Google Rank Boosting tool...

Over the last 6 weeks I've added just one new post and one new page

and then just over a week ago I 'switched on' the secret app...

and the site has already gone from ranking for just one keyword (which was way down on page 10), to almost a dozen targeted keywords that are now in the top 2 pages

Remember this is in the SEO niche, where competition is somewhat stiffer than regular niches!

with a few more on page tweaks and a bit more time I'm expecting to have another site that has multiple page one rankings for my targeted keywords, all WITHOUT any new backlinks!

and the best part is, this is not some black hat loophole trick that will get me in trouble with Google...

it's simply a case of applying Google's own 'machine learning' algorithm!

Want to see how?

I've got the team behind this high-tech app to spill the beans on a private training session...

(they've done SEO work for massive companies like Virgin, Hurley, Asics & Coleman)

Note: Turn up on the webinar and I'll also give you a copy of a new Simple SEO for 2020 Cheat Sheet that I'm writing up right now showing exactly how I now rank all my content!

Register here:

Backlinks aren't SEO Dynamite anymore...

The SEO 'experts' stuck on building back-links to rank their sites are going to fall further an further behind without the new ranking signal that Google have started to prioritize...

this is the new Google 'Machine Learning' ranking tactic is getting my sites better search results WITHOUT any new backlinks!

it's all based on giving Google the real signals they're looking for to confirm your site has real value, and it's really not difficult...


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