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Essential Free Online Tools

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you’re not nursing a ‘self inflicted’ party illness like I am… 😉

Here’s a whole bunch of free online tools and resources that you should already be aware of/using to check out, just in case you missed any…

1. Free “open source” office suite, including wordprocessor and spreadsheet program, as well as a pdf creator:

2. Drop Box Cloud File Storage

3. Cool Timer

4. Audacity Audio Recorder

5. CamStudio Video Recorder

6. Gimp Graphics

there’s a set of 27 tutorial videos on how to use Gimp at the top of this page, although they’re not free, they are cheap: –

7. Video Viewing Software

8. SafeHouse virtual encryped drive

9. FeedNotifier

How to use FeedNotifier Tutorial video: –

10. Blog hacking protection tutorials

and as one extra, grab a free copy of Tony Shepherd’s Private Monthly Mentoring Newsletter:" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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