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Blog Post Graphics - free software

I thought I'd cover the topic of graphics in blog posts this week, as it also gives me the opportunity to sneak in a reminder of some recent/new blog posts...

If you're like me, when you're doing a blog post the last thing on your mind is a cool/funky/interesting graphic to go with it, right?

The problem is we really do need to add them, they capture peoples attention and Google prefer your posts that have extra elements on them (e.g. pics, videos etc.), and they're more likely to catch attention (and potentially go viral) on social media sites like facebook...

so really we should be adding a pic to every post we do, but that can be such a pain in the 'neck'! 😉

there are some obvious options to make life easy: -

1. Use the product pic if there is one - example post:

My mum’s blog got hacked

2. use a pic from your own collection of photos (at least you know you've got complete rights to do so) - example post:

Three Backlinking Mistakes

3. get a little creative with some free software, which is what I've been doing with some of my latest blog sposts, and it really does help with the social media "shares" & "likes"!

here's some examples so you can check the posts out and see if you can work out what I'm using to create the graphics: -

a. Should you use the Google Disavow links tool, when, and how...

b. Choosing Amazon Affiliate Products

c. Website Graphics, Headers and Icons

*ironically that last one is actually about a pretty cool "mega" graphics pack for websites... 😉

Yes, basically I'm using a free "Meme" creator software tool to quickly knock up a simple (and hopefully vaguely amusing/humorous) graphic to add to my blog posts.

You can download the software I'm using for free here: -

and for once there's even a mac version: -

admitedly you will have to put a couple of minutes thought in to coming up with something to write on the meme, but don't worry about making it perfect, just get something on there and get the post done.

hope this helps make sure you don't get stuck for a graphic next time you're making a blog post!


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