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I'm creating some new WordPress Tutorial Video Guides and am looking for some feedback on what topics are most important for you, please vote on the list below if you're interested in the tutorials... Ranker - Top 10 Lists and More [rnkrwp id="2259123" format="grid"]

Popular WordPress Developer Tool

Popular WordPress Developer Tool aka: How to break a high capacity cloud server... sometimes you come up with something that you know straight away isn't the usual 'run of the mill' offer... yesterday this proved to be even more the case than expected for my new WordPress product. In the first few hours of the new launch my brand new, "high capacity" cloud server got so much traffic it broke... I've had to upgrade the server to [...]

Blog Post Graphics – free software

Blog Post Graphics - free software I thought I'd cover the topic of graphics in blog posts this week, as it also gives me the opportunity to sneak in a reminder of some recent/new blog posts... If you're like me, when you're doing a blog post the last thing on your mind is a cool/funky/interesting graphic to go with it, right? The problem is we really do need to add them, they capture peoples attention and Google [...]

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