4 New Blog Posts & Global Botnet attack…

dangeranother long, but productive week, rewarded with a couple of beers with my sister and some friends last night, so I’m probably going to have a less productive Friday… 😉

got a few things for you this week, including several blog posts!

#1: Global DDOS Attack on WordPress Sites

if you’ve not heard about the massive botnet attack on worpdress sites that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks, then you can read more about it, as well as some simple advice to help secure your sites in the new blog post here:

#2: BlogDefender going up in price on 25th April…
if you haven’t secured your WordPress blog from hackers then you may already have been hacked!

learn how to secure your site before the price goes up here:

#3: Search Engine optimization techniques don’t exactly stand still, Google does seem to enjoy keeping us all on our toes!

so here’s the latest, most up to date, SEO guide for 2013…

Note: this includes a section specifically on how to use good On Page SEO tactics to mimimize your need for backlinks!

#4: Q: What kind of links does Google love the most..?

find the answer in this blog post: –

#5: Using Contests to get viral traffic, backlinks and social proof…

This plugin usually sells for $147, but for a couple more days you can grab it for just $7

check out the post here:

#6: and last of all, I’ve also got a new offer up this week that includes as much PLR as you could possibly need for giving away to build your own lists AND offer as prizes with a plugin like the Contest Burner plugin mentioned in the post above…

you can check it out here:

as always, feel free to leave any comments/feedback, etc.
& have a great weekend!