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I get a LOT of JV requests, usually 15 to 20 a week at least, so there's no way I can check out all of them, let alone promote them all, not that I'd want to, some just aren't good enough..

and just one bad product promo can piss off a lot of subscribers and wipe away all the trust you've spent months building up.

I learnt this the hard way over a year ago when I promoted an info product that looked good.
I had taken the time to get a copy myself and have a look, but I hadn't read the ebooks included in enough detail and missed the fact that the info offered was not only fairly basic, but some of it was totally out of date.

The promo brought in quite a lot of sales, as the sales letter for the product was excellent, but I realised something was wrong a day later when I saw that the refund was well over 50% in just the first day!!!

Since then I've been very careful to check out what I promote before hand, I actually try to stick to stuff that I use myself and find useful for my own learning and business, as it's simpy the safest way.

I'm also very reluctant to promote anything that I can't get a look at and play with before hand, unless I REALLY trust the person it's from, and that trust has to be based on personal experience with them and their products.

You can see the list of some of the marketers who inspire that level of trust and respect in the "My Peers" list in the sidebar to the right of this page.

The reason I bring this up is I almost made a similar mistake today and sent out a promo for a product that turns out to not be particularly good, you can find out what the product is in my post about it on

I'd got a free review copy of the product but hadn'tmade the time to check it out.

I was only saved by an email from another marketer who I trust, Ian Rollinson, the author of Adwords 180 (one of the best AdWords products I've ever read). Ian' had taken the time to check out the product and was warning his readers about it.

I took a look at it myself and basically came to the same conclusion as Ian, so was able to change my mailing and blog post in time. It's been a good reminder for me to check stuff out first, it's always easy to become complaceant..

Since my mistake last year I've also sent out some emails to my list similar to Ian'stoday, warning them about products that were being promoted heavily that I felt weren't up to scratch for some reason, and whenever I've done so I've always received a great response from my subscribers.

It's tempting as a marketer to simply not mention a product that's not good, as sending a "warning" email is likely to cost you a potential JV partner, but in my experience "honesty is the best policy" by far, after all, it's my job as an "affiliate marketer" to check out products and review them for my subscribers, so that should equally include warning them about crap stuff, as well as telling them about the one's that are worth spending money on...

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