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In my last post I mentioned how important it is to check products out before promoting them, sometimes going so can actually help out the person who's product it is..

Last week Ben Shaffer, another marketer who I do respect, contacted me to ask if I'd test out a new product of his, as he knows I have sites on quite a few hosts, so I could test it out on some that he hadn't been able to.

The first host I put it on threw up some problems and we managed to get the sorted out, which has probably saved him a few support headaches down the line.

The cool thing for me is I've eneded up with a free copy of a script that is VERY useful for my business, you can read about it on my internet marketing review blog, but it's basically a script to automatically check your Clickbank account(s) and let you know when you make a commission, which saves me quite a bit of time each day..

As an affiliate marketer it is cool that as you become more well known you end up getting some stuff to try out and review for free!

Probably about 50% or more of the stuff that I review and promote I now get for free, although you have to be careful, as if it's not a great product the law of "reciprocity" can come in to play, where you feel obliged to give a positive promotion just because you've got it for free.

Fortunatly this doesn't happen very often, but when it does I simply delete the product to remove that "feeling".

Just because I've been given something for free to "review" doesn't mean it should automatically get a good review..

Ben's script on the other hand was an easy decision, as it's something that will save me time every day, and will do the same for any affiliate marketer who uses Clickbank. Cool. 🙂


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