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There was a time when I was "scared" of using outsourcing for my online business, not anymore..

Working online is fun, but to really turn it in to a profitable business you have to "leverage" your time as mush as you can, and the best way to do that is without a doubt to use cheap outsourcing services to get a lot of the basic (boring) day to day stuff done.

I now have at least one job or product of some sort being worked on for me somewhere in the world at any one time, usually more than one, but taking that first step can be a bit daunting, for the same old reason that doing anything "new" can be difficult, it's out of our "comfort zone"...

With outsourcing though I'll warn you right now that it can quickly become quite addictive to get other people to do all those boring tedious jobs for you for just a few dollars an hour, like getting backlinks..

but the most profitable way of outsourcing is to have products developed for you.

at the moment I've not only got someone working on BlogCarnival submissions for me for several of my blogs (read more about BlogCarnivals for Backlinks ), but I've also got a very talented coder working on what will be my third WordPress plugin, as well as another working on my new WP themes.

I did train as a programmer when I was younger, but I got sidetracked when I got involved in sales and marketing and started earning some healthy commissions in my software sales career, so I never completed my exams or "qualified" as a programmer.

I don't regret it for two reasons, first of all my sales and marketing background offline has helped me a lot with my online business, and second, it's amazingly "cost effective" (aka cheap) to get high quality programmers (or "coders") to work for me on sites like Rentacoder and Elance, so my programming skills would be largely redundant by now for my business..

I've just added the first WordPress Plugin to my Blogging Tutorials and Tips blog, but you may be wondering how it will be profitable if I'm giving it away for free..?

Simple, it will bring new visitors to my blog who are interested in blogging and making money with blogs, some of whom will decide to sign up for my free guide and newsletter and some of those will eventually buy one of my other products.

It's a tried and tested practice, offer quality content for free and people will respect and value your advice in the future.

so the next time you find yourself thinking "I wish there was an easier way of doing xyz" take a few moments to think about whether it might be possible to make a product to do exactly that.

Don't worry about whether you have the skills to make the product, you can usually find someone on one of the many outsourcing sites who can not only do it for you, but at a price that will allow you to make a healthy profit by selling the product to other people with the same problem you had..

Here's a few of the outsourcing sites that I know of to get you started:


oh, and as a bit of a sneaky tip, if you can't come up with any ideas of your own, have a browse through the current job requests and see if that sparks any ideas..

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