someone recently asked me why I have so many seperate blogs, especially one’s related to internet marketing, when I could easily have one blog with seperate “Categories” instead.

It’s a good question, and I had to think a little while before answering.

The obvious downside is that I need to post to all of them on a regular basis which is time consuming.

It’s also necessaty for me to do SEO and marketing work to promote them all and get traffic, rather than just one, but that’s something which can be turned in to a “process” and outsourced, so it’s not a “biggy” imho.

Having one blog with multiple categories would also mean that blog would get higher traffic overall and a higher alexa rank, therefor it would also be likely to rank better in the SERP’s and potentially get more traffic as a result.

So to a degree I do regret the way I’ve set up my different blogs to cover different “topics” within the internet marketing “niche” and if I was starting fresh I would consider doing things differently.

However, it does allow me to focus clearly on different areas for each blog, such as my Blog Tips and Tutorials blog, and my Internet Marketing Strategies Test blog, resulting in more targeted traffic to each individual blog, meaning visitors are more likely to find exactly what thye are looking for.

There is a second advantage that I can refer to one blog from another, where it’s relevant, and get traffic to flow around between the different blogs when people are looking for something different.

It also effectively allows me to “cast a wider net” to catch more traffic across all the blogs, which can again be shared between them all.

I guess it helps that I enjoy writing and always seem to be able to find something to write about for each one.

For my non “internet marketing” blogs I tend to either have automated content sources in place for them, or have content written for me, but I do it myself for the internet marketing ones as it is my “area of expertise” and finding a content writer whom I could trust for these blogs would probably be too expensive.

There is another advantage in the long run. Whilst this blog has a domain name that isn’t really good for selling the blog, as it’s my name, the others are not “branded” with my name, deliberatly.

This gives me a long term “exit strategy” as they could easily be sold without me having to be part of the blog on and ongoing basis.

So having said that I might do things differently if I was starting from scratch, I believe I’d probably end up going the same way and having several blogs anyway, as for me the benefits outweigh the downside.