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Many affiliate marketers seem to just use the standard promotional emails that they're provided with by a product owner and simply blast it out to their list.

You've gotta ask yourself whether they've actually taken the time to read the report, or check out the product, that they are promoting to see if it's good or not.

I know this can be tempting as it's a lot quicker and easier than the alterntive, which is to actually review the product, but I prefer to take the review route as it has some pretty cool benefits..

Earlier this week JD Swanson and Jason James launched a new report called Mafioso Marketing.

As I've worked with Jason a few times in the past he was kind enough to give me a copy of the report to review.

The report is 69 pages long and I ended up writing over 1,500 words about it, which took me over 3 hours, I didn't just skim the report..

The benefit for me was that I actually picked up a couple of cool new ideas from the report that I will be using myself, so it's actually been of benefit to my own business.

now guess how much easier that makes it to write a review...

yup, I got value from the report myself, enough that I would have been happy to pay the full price for the report.

that means I can actually recommend it to my subscribers and know that they are likely to also be very happy with it.

I guess that's "ethical affiliate marketing" at work, but the question most people are probably going to want to know the asnwer to is did my review help me to earn more commissions...


now obviously it's impossible to know for sure without doing a split test, but every time I have done a full product review like this one in the past, I've made more sales than I would normally see from a quick and simple "promo" email, and this time has been no exception.

There's another advantage to doing this kind of review as well, by publishing it on one of my blogs ( it gets some decent search engine traffic, as it's obviously unique content, and I will normally make more sales over the coming months because of the review...

Doing this style of product review does require a bit of commitment, as it's not a quick process, but if you've not read the report yourself, then can you really recommend it to your subscribers...


2 comments on “Ethical Internet Marketing”

  1. I agree, especially starting out, it's tempting to try and recommend all these products for which you can earn affiliate commissions, but, earning trust from your readers is more important.

    I only list products that I personally have used, or if I belong to that persons forum and have heard good things, I will let readers know that I haven't tried it yet, but, it appears to be good. And if there is stuff I am interested in, I'll post that, mentioning that I'd like to look into them, and request any info from people who may have used it already.

    I also have no problem going back and doing an update on something I promoted, if I feel the value has dwindled from when I first reviewed it. Yes, it takes more time to build up a community of readers, but I prefer to have quality information and reports, which will equate to trust from my readers.

    thanks again for a wonderful post, I've been on here for a while just reading your information, to think you have other blogs is mind boggling :mrgreen:

    1. Hi Joe,

      you're right, it can take longer to build up a "list" this way, but you've hit it on the head when you refer to it as a "community"..

      Taking the time (and making the effort) to check thigs out before making a recommendation means that when you do find something that you like a recommend it to your "community", far more people are likely to trust and respect your opinion and actually "take action".

      I believe that is a goal worthy of the extra effort and time!


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