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I used to be an avid reader of both fiction (fantasy & Sci-fi) and 'personal-development' or marketing books, getting through several books a month.

Over the last 4 or 5 years I got out of the habit, so last year I decided to do something about it and subscribed to Audible so I can listen to books while I'm out walking for exercise & fresh air.

I'm now happily getting through a couple of books a month so figured it's time to start sharing the best one's I find.

I'll include both the audible links and the Amazon links.

Some books are applicable to general life AND marketing, these are my current favourite recent reads.

and all of them are so good they're well worth reading more than once, so if you've read them before here's a reminder that they may be worth revisiting...

Predictably Irrational & The Upside of Irrationality

The first two are both by Dan Ariely and have some amazing and enlightening studies on human behavior that are applicable both for everyday life and marketing.
I've already started using one of the studies to help in my own marketing, using how we tend to make decisions based on comparisons to help conversions on selling my products.

The Power of Habit

the next book is by Charles Duhigg and helped me stop smoking when I first read it back in 2017 on the way back from a marketing trip in Kiev.

It gives a much clearer insight in to how habits form and how you can break them down.

Atomic Habits

The third book is by James Clear and is a fantastic follow up on both understanding habits and building new ones.

There's real, practical advice and tactics included that can make a real difference both in personal life and business.

Why We Sleep

the last book I picked up because my own sleep habits can be a bit erratic and I felt like I wasn't getting enough sleep.

Reading this book helped me understand just how important sleep is, and some of the details covered are both eye opening and somewhat frightening, especially how we as a society are not treating sleep with high enough importance for ourselves AND our children.

Note: I'm going to be adding more books to this list so please feel free to bookmark this page.


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