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Using Webinars For Marketing

It's great having a bunch of internet marketing mates, friends who do the same thing as me, it means I've got people to talk to about the latest new stuff, as well as what's working well and what's not...

The only down side is sometimes they tell you to do something that you're not doing, and if you don't get on to it, they'll end up telling you off for not listening to good advice!

And that's what this blog post is about, and example where I've been dragging my feet, largely because I simply didn't feel that I knew enough about this technique...

What am I talking about?


Webinars are the big thing in marketing this year, I know they've been around for quite a while, but the technology has come on a long way over the last couple of years, AND the conversions you can get from webinars are simply staggering!

I have friends who regularly get at least 10 times as high conversion rates from their webinars as they do from their emails or regular websites!

we're talking about conversion from 10% at the lower end, right up to around 40%, that's BIG numbers!!!

As it happens, the timing for me to start learning about webinars and using them more has been forced upon me to a degree...

With the imminant launch of NicheReaper.com I'm going to be doing some webinars based on this awesome* new automated niche and keyword research system [* = I may be biased, as it's my system, but you can make up your own mind very soon]

So I needed to go out and learn all about how to do webinars the right way. If I'm going to do soemthing, I like to make sure I understand how to do it well!

As usual, my luck has kicked in and I've just managed to get hold of a brand new course that covers everything you could possibly need to know about doing succesful webinars, so I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you...

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I've spent some time in the members area already checking out the first few (very detailed and informative) tutorial videos, and I can see that this is going to make sure I know exactly how to get the most out of webinars for my online business!

I highly recommend you check it out!

[this post: https://mattgarrett.com/webinars-in-marketing/]


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