Free Traffic v Paid Traffic

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Free Traffic v Paid 'Guaranteed' Traffic...

Google keeps making it tougher to get free traffic from 'organic search' results, and let's face it, all the other 'free' sources of traffic aren't really that free, they all take time to use...

So how do you get away from Google and other time sucking 'free' traffic tactics..?

don't get me wrong, free traffic sources can work, they just take way too much effort to get right and never seem to really deliver enough traffic to make your business take off.

and as for scaling them, well, that means outsourcing and that means it's no longer 'free' is it... 🙂

The whole point of having an online business is that it should be 'scaleable', so once you've got your 'funnel' (your product, service or preferred affiliate programs to promote) set up, you should just be able to push more and more traffic at it to make more and more money, right?

well the only way you're going to manage to do that with free traffic is to pay for outsourcing or(more likely AND) pay to automate the process.

So if you could find a source of 'paid traffic' that was cheap enough, cheaper than the value of each lead you get, would that be the simplest solution to getting REAL traffic?

As soon as you know the value of each lead you get, paid traffic actaully becomes VERY apealing.

Suddenly all you need to do to scale up your business is find sources of paid traffic that cost you less than the value of your leads...

Once you have one or more of them, you simply keep buying that traffic until you've got as many leads/conversions/sales/profits coming in as you want! 🙂

AND you stgop having to worry about what the next Google update is going to do to your traffic... sweet!

The next obvious question is where can you find sources of paid traffic that is cheap and targeted..?

Well, as it happens (don't look too surprized) that's what this post is about, I've found a report that is the closest I've found to an A to Z manual on where to find this kind of traffic.

here's some of what the guide covers: -

~ Banner Ads.
~ CPV Ads.
~ Facebook Ads.
~ Text Ads.
~ Pop Ups.
~ Coreg.
~ Email Drops.

These techniques aren't going to go out of date, they are what you should be using to not just survive, but to seriously build, and scale your business in coming years.

If you rely on on organic traffic, then you know what Google updates, like Panda and Penguin, can do to any websites organic search rankings, and the traffic you get.

Now don't get me wrong, it is possible to use good Search Engine Optimization to get free traffic, but it takes time and resources, so how 'free' is it really?

What else could you have done with your time, energy and efforts that would have improved your bottom line..?

Become a MASTER at driving your own traffic and you free up a huge amounts of time for your business, that you can then reinvest.

Getting your visitors with Paid Media gives you consistent and RELIABLE traffic.

and it's pretty much unending!

Imagine what that can do for your business...

Stable and reliable traffic brings peace of mind for your business, and you.

So take a few minutes to check out this in depth guide to getting as much targeted, paid traffic as you need, and never worry about Google updates again...

here's the link to use: - Paid Traffic Guide

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