Building An eMail List With Unsubscribes

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Building An eMail List With Unsubscribes

I'm guessing that sounds like an odd blog title, how can you possibly (legally & ethically) build a responsive email list from people who unsubscribe for your list..?

It's actually quite simple, if you have the right Autoresponder service.

Although you should actually use two seperate autoresponder services.

First of all I'm not going to claim this idea, I've been aware of it for some time, but I've only recently started using it myself in the last couple of weeks.

Why have I started using it?

Well I've started doing "email AdSwaps"  more regularly over the last month or two, and this can obviously end up upsetting some of my subscribers simply because they are now getting more emails from me than they are used or would prefer.

And how does it work?

Well, with an Autoresponder service like AWeber you can set up your list to display an image (usually used for your company logo) when they hit the unsubscribe link in an email.

So you simply set up a graphic that has a suitable message, offering them a more reasonable alternative, such as a Weekly Only Summary email newsletter, and then link to the optin page for this.

Here's a couple of examples, and please feel free to post a comment below letting me which of these two images you prefer and why...

Example #1: -

Example #2: -

This new optin should ideally be on a totally different autoresponder to keep things truly seperate and make sure you know to never email that new list more than once a week, as per your agreement with/promise to your subscribers on the new list.

The service I use is here All Contact and includes the option to also send SMS messages to people.

That link will also give you a discount trial offer.

Oh, and it's also one of the easiest to use mailing systems I've come across! 🙂

To set up a graphic and link like this to try and 'save' unsubscribes go to your list in AWeber and choose "List Settings" from the "May Lists" tab, then click on the 2nd tab "Personalize Your List"

Click on the "Upload Your Logo" to upload the graphic and then pop the url for the optin page in the "Website URL" link.

Simple as that, now you can start 'saving' 25-35%+ of your unsubscribes!

On a seperate note, if you are an affiliate promoting aweber, have you grabbed/setup your aweber "subdomain" affiliate link yet?

You don't have to use the regular, long winded affiliate url, you can get a nice, neat, short one, like these: -

e.g. #1:
e.g. #2:

To set it up log in as an affiliate and on the "Home Page" under "Your Affiliate Information" there will be a link saying "(Customize Link)", click on it and then choose something unique for your "Custom Sub-domain:"

I'd suggest going for something generic and catchy rather than your name... 🙂

You might have to try quite a few ideas out before you find one you like, but don't worry you can change it, just don't change it once you've started putting the link on blog posts and promoting it... 😉

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