Recommended Reading Material for Marketers

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Recommended Reading Material for Marketers

I did a very "rough & ready" (i.e. not very scientific) test last weekend to see which of 3 new sites I'm testing for redirects is the most popular and I thought I'd share the results, such as they are.

remember this wasn't a highly accurate test as I simply listed all 3 links in the email and asked people to click on which ever one they liked the most, so I'm going to have to do a 'proper' split mailing test to check the results and see how accurate they are.

the URL I liked the most ( ended up with the worst results, being outperformed by by 11%

but the winner ( had a whopping 18% more clicks than, so I'm going to use that one for the time being, until I get the chance to do some more testing.

If you missed the email feel free to leave a comment below as to which of the 3 sites/URL's you like the most and why... 🙂

The recommended Reading

I've been traveling quite a bit this month, so I've had the chance to catch up on some reading and wanted to share with you some of the best stuff I've come across...

#1. I've now managed to get through all of last years "Affordable Mentoring Neswletters" and I've ended up taking LOTS of notes for things I'm going to be using myself this year, so I HIGHLY recommend grabbing at least the free copy of this to check out!

grab the free copy here ~>

#2. I've also just read what is probably going to be the most important, 'game changing' book that I've read in YEARS!

Seriously, this book opened my eyes to a better, simpler way of doing business.

I recommended it to my business partner and he felt the same about the book.

It's all about how to systemize both your life and your business processes to get more done with less effort.

it's called "Work the System"

check it out on Amazon here ~>

#3. We all keep hearing stuff about the current state of the world's financial markets, what went wrong and how much money it's going to cost us all, but I wanted to get a better understanding of exactly how it all happened and I've read a few different books on the subject.

There's one that explained it all in simple enough terms to actually 'get my head around'...

it's called Whoops!: Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay

check it out on Amazon here ~>

#4. This one's not to do with business, I'm a bit of a fantasy and sci-fi buff, so I do try to catch up on the best books in the genre when I have time for some purely 'relaxation' reading and there was one 'Stand Out' fantasy book last year.

If you're into fantasy literature at all, I highly recommend checking out the debut novel from Mark Lawrence.

it's called Prince of Thorns.

check it out on Amazon here ~>

#Disclaimer: I should point out I know the author, Mark, for years, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a seriously good fantasy book! 🙂

I hope you find something in this lot that you like, and as always, feel free leave a comment below...

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