Are Giveaways Good For List Building

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Giveaway events have become very popular in internet marketing as a quick way of "building your list", so much so that it's actually hard to keep up with all the ones that are going on, let alone take part in them, as to be effective you really need soemthing of value to offer to each new one.

There's a new one launching today, as usual I've posted about it on my internet marketing reviews blog, and this is one that I am involved in, as one of the marketers behind it is a guy who I chat with about marketing and blogging a great deal, Dan McGonagle.

Stuart Sterling and James Brown are the other two partners behind this and they've put together some pretty high quality stuff for the freebies, including a pretty special offer from your's truly that's part of the "One Time Offer", and Dan twisted my arm quite hard to get this one out of me, as it's something I wasn't planning on doing..

you can check it out here:
IM Giveaway Event

But the real question is are these giveaway events actually worth while?

Do you get good quality new subscribers or just freebie seekers?

It's possible to add several hundred new subscribers to your list from just one of these events, but it's true that many of those will be people who are "tire kickers" and only interested in free stuff, but not all of them.

These new subscribers may be new to your newsletter, but they've probably been on another marketeres for a while, so they may well be tired of that marketers style and promotions.

In other words to make sure they So you do have the advantage that they will be fresh to your newsletter style and promotions..

In other words, to make the whole effort worth while you need to make sure you are offering real value to your subscribers and build trust with them.

If you can do this then you will find it worth your time and effort to take part in these giveaway events...

It's also why it is worth taking the time to find and promote good tools and resources that are not "Main Stream" and over promoted by other marketers..

If you've got a sunscriber list yourself and want to join in promoting this one to add some new subscribers to your own list, then shoot me an email here:

 email matt garrett


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