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'Weekly' News Summary - Blog Posts & Blog Security

it's starting to look like I really should have called this my "Monthly" Newsletter, rather than weekly, but at least you can see I'm being true to my word and not mailing more than once a week... 🙂

I've got a selection of blog posts for you this week (month) AND a question/potential offer for any blog owners out there...

first of all the blog posts: -

Post #1: 3 Backlinking Myths/Mistakes

Note: This includes a promotion for a VERY cool Automated backlink building tool...

Post #2: 50 Web Traffic Tutorials for $5

This post is about how a mate of mine, John Thornhill (and yes he really is a mate, there's a pick of me and him on the post) got over 2 Billion hits last year...
that's a LOT of traffic!

and he's just released a series of tutorial videos showing how he does it, AND you can grab the lot for $5, which is a pretty amazing deal!

with these in your arsenal you should have all the traffic tutorials you need...

Post #3: Afraid of Selling - Webinar Stolen from High Ticket Course Helps You Sell

Another good friend of mine (and John's) recently did a webinar for some of John's high price coaching clients, it was so good that John told Randy he should offer it as a product in itself, I just don't think John expected him to offer it so cheap... lol!

Getting your head around selling online can be a massive stumbling block, if that sounds familiar to you, this webinar will help! Randy is a top dog sales guy AND a great teacher...

Post #4: Flippin $6 for $6,200 in one day...

Flipping websites is one of the quickest (and simplest) way to start pulling in a real income online and this ebook shows how one of the best does it.

Post #5: Automated Amazon Niche Site Building Software

The Amazon associates program is just about the easiest way of making money from niche websites right now, if you're not capitalizing on the power of these sites for your online marketing then you're seriously missing out...


So on to the question/opportunity...

Do you own/run a blog?
If you do, is it secure..?

I run LOTS of blogs, so I know a bit about getting hacked, it's happened to me more than once, and the number of attacks on my blogs has dramatically increased this year.

So myself and my henchman (aka 'Hitman', who you'll be hearing a lot more of in coming months) have been working on the best ways to lock down all my blogs. It's taken us a few month, but we've now got it down to a fine art, perhaps even a science...

We've turned the process in to a product that we're going to be offering soon.

Before we launch I'd like to get fedback from a few blog owners, perhaps even a testimonial if you like it.

You can probably guess what the offer is...

If you've got a blog and you'd like to learn how to secure your WordPress site so it's safe from hackers then shoot me an email with your blog info, I'll pick out half a dozen to give free pre-launch access to the product so you can give us some feedback and let us know what you think...

if you're interested then simply email me here "email 'at' mattgarrett 'dot' com"
with "Blog Security Offer" in the subject line and I'll get back to you asap.


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