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Internet Marketing is a lot easier now than it was just a few years ago simply because of the level of automation that can be used.
This post was actually posted to my blog while I was out looking for a new place to live, as I'm in the process of getting divorced and moving house..

I wrote it (or am writing it) on Wednesday evening and set it up to auto post while I was out.

Using WordPress for blogging means I can write several posts in one session and then set them up to automatically "appear" on my blog over the next few days, so I can forget about it and get on with other things.

I've done a video showing how to use this feature of wordpress here:
Useful Blogging Tutorial Videos

You can do the same thing with newsletter broadcasts using AWeber, setting up a week or more's worth of broadcasts in one go and then forget about it until they've all been sent.

but recently I'd been finding it frustrating as I need to post things on my blogs and then also set up the email broadcasts in AWeber, effectively doing the work twice..

It seems that I'm not the only one who's realised there should be a better way of doing this as AWeber have just added a new feature called Blog Broadcasts.

this allows you to add the rss posts feed from your blog to a list in aweber, and then set it up to automatically send a broadcast when you make a post to your blog, or even set it up to send once a week, or after a certain number of new blog posts.

Over the next week or so I'll be moving all of my blogs and lists to this format to reduce my workload and save me time, allowing me to just make a blog post and have AWeber automatically broadcast the post to my lists..

There is another quite neat feature of this new facility, if you use Feedburner for your RSS subscriptions, they will add the number of subscribers in your aweber list to the number shown on the feedburner active subscribers number that you can display on your blog with their widget, which is a great "Social Proof" tool for your blog to encourage even more people to subscribe..

Thank you AWeber!


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