Miss-leading Email Subjects

It seems to me that some marketers are ge4tting more and more desperate to get people to open their emails, so much so that over the last few months there seems to be a whole spate of very miss-leading email subject line’s used, they’re getting so bad that they resemble spam…

In fact a lot of them are now getting marked as spam and “quarantined” by my spam filter system!

here’s a few of the worst examples that I’ve seen over the last few months, but please feel free to post a comment and share any that I’ve missed that you particularly dislike!

Miss-leading Email Subjects that I hate: –

1. Your trial subscription has been canceled

2. Congratulations ,Claim Your Cleared eCheck Payment

3. Ticket no 4JK94U – Outstanding Affiliate Commissions

4. Your Order Is Complete

5. Notification of Payment Received

6. Payment Refund…

7. Payment Notification

8. Your PayPal Account Deposit

9. Your Friday Paycheck Is In

10. Your Password, [your name]

11. RE: Response Required (private)

12. (Personal)

13. RE: [your email address]

14. RE: Your Account

15. RE: Response Required (private)

16. RE: Download link expired?


18. re: Your Order Is Complete – Please Save This Email

19. Confirmed: Your First sale online…

20. Request for free access has been approved

21. [your name], your owed $608.37 Clickbank commission

22. Congratulations: You have $770 GUARANTEED commission now!

23. Message from: Notification::PayPal sent you $7,200 USD

24. Your Download (Expiring Soon)

25. $150 PayPal Payment Delivery – Expiration Notice

that’s a pretty long list, and it didn’t take me long trawling through my emails to create it, AND I missed out quite a few…

So which do you think is the worst?

or are, like me, do you just find them all damned irritating..?

Leave a comment below and let me know…

I will admit I’m not perfect and occaisionally an email subject line slips through that’s not as accurate or descriptive as it should be, but I try to stick to subject line’s that actually give readers a good idea of what’s going to be covered in the email.

I believe it makes it easier for my readers to quickly decide whether an email is going to be of interest to them, whereas using one of these “tricky” style subject line’s is more likely to potentially end up wasting their time, and subsequently irritating them…

but there is a another reason I prefer use descriptive, and generally keyword based, subject lines…

I also tend to use many of the emails I write as the content for a blog post on one of my blogs as well, so having the keywords in the subject gives me the best title to use for the blog post to attract Targeted visitors, ‘2 birds with one stone’ as the old saying goes…

If you want to have a spam system that will catch these kind of emails and quarantine them for you, then I can highly recommend the one I’ve used for the last 7 or 8 years – SpamArrest

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