Wholesale DropShipper Pirates?

Just spotted a very interesting post on one of the blogs I follow! It's on Matthew Glanfield's BBO Institute Blog and you can read the whole post about a very dodgy (imho) Wholesale Dropshipping Directory Site Here What started as a free trial, turned in to a $1 trial, and ended up costing over $100! Matt's been kind enough to share the details with his readers so they can steer clear of a company who seem to [...]

Phil Gosling and the JV Ray

Phil Gosling is one of those few marketers who's emails I really look forward to reading. He doesn't send one out very often, but when he does it's like a work or art, both entertaining and packed full of useful info. Here's a classic example that landed in my inbox a few minutes ago: Movie Script. Internet wars episode one. (These words moving away from you with star-field backdrop. Dramatic music.) A long time ago in a [...]

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