It seems I must be doing something right with Twitter, even though I don’t twitter everyday, and sometimes even miss a week or two, my twitter followers count continues to climb…

It seems the automated plugin that I have added to my main blogs (like this one) does help to even bring in some traffic to the blogs as well, so it appears that I’m not just twittering away to myself, phew!


I’ve recently added a twitter “Follow Me on Twitter” graphical button to my blogs to see if they help to pick up even more new “followers” and it does seem to be helping.

Here’s three of the best sites I’ve found with free Twitter “follow me” buttons you can use: –

Free Twitter Buttons

Free Twitter Graphics

Free Twitter Follow Me Buttons

I’ve also added the chicklet to display the number of followers I currently have, which seems to add a nice touch of social proof, encouraging people to go ahead an follow me.

you can check out “TwitterCounter” here: –

and then enter your own twitter username to see your stats and get your own counter button code.

or download the  the plugin here: –

Although the days that I seem to have the most new followers sign up is the days that I make several tweets, especially those where I end up having a conversation with other people…

I’ve also tried to avoid the temptation to post “irrelevant” tweets, like: –

“I’m making a cup of organic free trade vanilla falvoured green tea and listening to the new Metallica album this morning”

as I know those kind of tweets tend to put me off following other people, unless they mix in a LOT of real content, although I have to admit one or two may have slipped in… 🙂

here’s a great post with 20 tips for getting the most from twitter: –

20 Tips For Using Twitter

and you can also see your own Twitter “Rank” by entering your username here: –

Twitter Grader

My “Rank” is currently 98.1, which puts me 0.03 below the “UK Twitter Elite”, which is topped by fellow bloggers Chris Garrett  (no relation) and Caroline Middlebrook

Quick Tip: using this to get your own Grade will mean that your twitter profile shows up on the front page of the site for a short while, which may help you to pick up a few more new followers, although they may not be well “targeted”.

You can also add a twitter application to your facebook profile to have your tweets update on to your facebook page, grab the app here: –

Twitter Facebook Application

While I’m on the topic of web 2 stuff, I also made a video showing how you can add your blog to the Facebook BlogNetwork application that you should consider checking out on

I’ve added four of my main “IM” based blogs to it already, and I even added Yaro Starak’s blog to the network, as he hadn’t done so yet.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth adding your blog, well I spotted that Darren Rowse has well over 500 people following his blog on this facebook app, so I’d say it is, especially as it only takes a couple of minutes to add your blog, so go watch the video on how to do so: –

BlogNetwork Facebook Application

and you can follow my blog on the BlogNetworks Facebook application from here: –

Matt Garrett on Facebook

Perhaps you should do the same for your favorite bloggers, it’s a great way of making a connection and getting chatting with someone…

and don’t forget you can add links to any of your own sites to your facebook profile using the TagK application –
facebook backlinks application

and please start following me on Twitter @MattGarrett, I need to get my “Grade” higher! 🙂

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