Free Facebook Fanpage iFrame App

Free Facebook Fanpage iFrame App I've just finished a new video to show how quick and easy it is to add a "fangate" (aka squeeze page) to your facebook fanpage using a free iframe app, and the app just happens to be free... :-) Facebook Fanpages are all the rage, and with good reason they're a great way to find, connect with, and build a relationship with potential new clients, as well as to stay in touch [...]

Easy Facebook Profile Link

I was recently asked by a fellow marketer, who shall rename nameless to save his embarrassment , where he could find his facebook profile link, so that he could create a simplified link, like mine: - so here's a quickie on how to find the link, and although Andrew   didn't need this bit, I'll also show what html code to use to create the link. when you log in there should be a link with your name on the [...]

Get More Twitter Followers

It seems I must be doing something right with Twitter, even though I don't twitter everyday, and sometimes even miss a week or two, my twitter followers count continues to climb... It seems the automated plugin that I have added to my main blogs (like this one) does help to even bring in some traffic to the blogs as well, so it appears that I'm not just twittering away to myself, phew! lol... I've recently added [...]

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