Too Many Emails

"Too many emails!" that's the most common comment I recieve from people who unsubscibe and it's not surprising. one of my subscribers mentioned recently that he'd had more than a dozen emails about Mike Filsaime's Traffic Fusion on the launch day, which actually put him off. I had to admit that I'd had around 3 times that many, but then I'm on just about every marketers list, including all my JV partners and adswaps partners, it helps [...]

Niche v Email Marketing

It's a good job I spent some time last week setting up some blog posts ahead of time, I seem to have fallen behind a little bit, sometimes it's hard to find the right balance between working online and living "real life".. I guess I'm fortunate that I've been doing this internet marketing thing for some time and my income isn't totally reliant upon sending out affiliate marketing promotions to my subscribers or posting stuff on my [...]