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obviously people register new domains to use every day.

so equally there are also domains that expire every day...

there's all sorts of reasons why, but the part that we're interested in is that some of those domains will be 'aged' domains, often with existing backlinks and authority in the search engines

if you know where to look and how to check the right info you can find domains that are a decade or more old, with hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks in place

Google gives these older, well established 'Authority' domains a bit of a free ride compared to brand new domains, making it a LOT easier to get your pages ranked.

In some cases there's even traffic still going to these domains!

It's a simple short cut to getting Google to like your site.

or you can use these domains to create a site and FLIP it, sometimes the domain will have enough 'authority' that you can simply flip the domain, without building a site...

I've done this myself time and time again over the last 15+ years, and it works even better now that it did a decade ago, especially as there are more and more domains expiring every day, currently over 100,000 per day!

So how do you get to take your pick of these domains..?

Easy, you use this Expired Domain Software, Demo Video Below:

PR Rage Software -

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