Matt Garrett Life Online

Welcome to my new blog!

The site’s not actually new, it’s been here since way back in 1999, I’ve just not done anything with it in well over 2 years, possibly longer, so I thought it was probably time I set it up as a blog and used it to post something vaguely useful, hopefully…

My name is Matt Garrett and I’ve been making money online with website for the last 6 years or so, although I only went full time about 2 and a half years ago.

You could say that I’ve “been there, done that, got the t-shirt, ate the pie” for most different ways of “trying” to make money online, from paid surveys, forex trading and “high yield investment programs” (aka scams), to mini-sites, niche sites, AdSense sites, adwords ppc campaigns, expired domains, domain parking and most recently (and most profitably, at least since the early adsense days) info product creation, list building and blogging, hence this site becoming a blog..

So what am I going to post on this blog?

Well I’ve already got a couple of blogs about blogging (, affiliate marketing ( and internet marketing (, as well as an internet marketing articles & videos site ( and a free internet marketing resources site (

so I thought I’d keep this blog “light” in nature and use it to share the useful little nuggets of gold, funny stuff and just plain stoopid stuff that I see in other marketers blog posts and newsletters, as well as the general “trials & tribulations” that working online can bring on a daily basis, in the hope that you will find some of it at least to be useful, interesting or simply funny..

If you manage to get all the way to the end of this post, you’ll notice that there’s a podcast of this post (sort of).

I won’t always be doing podcasts to accompany posts, but I will whenever I’ve got enough time.

If you want to find out what else I’m going to be posting about, and what I’ve been up to today, then you’ll need to listen to the podcast..

Thanks for dropping by and please come again soon!

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