Managing Your Bad Habits

I’ve had a bit of a realization over the last few days, one that has helped me to increase my productivity big time!

I’ve become used to listening to music while working and about a week ago I read an article (I forget exactly where) on productivity that suggested listening to music can effect some peoples ability to focus while they’re working.

This was news to me and something I’d never considered before, so I thought I’d check it out myself by switching off the music for a few days…

It turns out that for me they are right, I’ve been more focused and got more work done since I switched off the music than I usually would!

It just goes to show how we can pick up potentially bad habits without even realizing it, hence this blog post, to remind us all we should stand back and check what we’re doing in our working environment, just in case a bad habit has somehow snuck in.

Now I’m not suggesting the music thing is going to be true for everyone, I suspect there are many people who actually find the right music helps them focus, but perhaps there’s something else you’re doing that’s not helping, take a few minutes to think about it and see if there’s anything you can test out.

There’s also two questions I like to ask myself on a regular basis…

The first question I use when I’m writing up my “To Do” list for the next day, I look at each of the items on the list and ask myself “Will this make my business more profitable?“, if not then why are you putting it on your “To Do” list..?

The second question is worth asking yourself regularly during the day – “Am I being productive, or just busy?

Working online it’s very easy to fall in to the second category, simply by being on your browser checking out different websites…

When you find yourself doing this it’s a good time to ask that question!

I’ve actually got a free 100 page report that I’m going to recommend you grab and read, it’s from a mate called Mark Lyford who’s had an “interesting” time in his online business and life over the last 7 or 8 years, including some very serious “hiccups” along the way, and he’s now getting seriously back on track.

The report has some excellent tips and info in it, including Mark’s “15 Things I Do To Be More Focused”, as well as another 8 great tips on staying productive.

The report is free and is about Mark’s journey to rebuild his online business from scratch to $5,000 per month and beyond, in fact he hit $15,000+ in April this year, so you can see he does know what he’s doing!

You can grab Mark’s $5k report here – The $5k Report

and I’ll do another post in a couple of days covering my top 10 productivity/focus tips.

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