10 Productivity Tips

My Top 10 Productivity Tips ~ 1. Have a Daily "To Do" List I actually keep this on a paper "Post It" pad right by my keyboard, so I can't ignore it. I found that using a spreadsheet or file on my PC for this was just too easy for me to ignore... I always try to write up the next days "To Do" list at the end of the day, so it's ready for the next [...]

Managing Bad Habits

Managing Your Bad Habits I've had a bit of a realization over the last few days, one that has helped me to increase my productivity big time! I've become used to listening to music while working and about a week ago I read an article (I forget exactly where) on productivity that suggested listening to music can effect some peoples ability to focus while they're working. This was news to me and something I'd never considered before, [...]