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Here's a typically "overhyped" (imho) email that just dropped in to my inbox, I won't name names, but he's fairly well know in the IM world..

-> 44 spots. That's it.
-> 44 spots is all we have left in the New Beginnings:
-> Growing Beyond Me Too event.
-> We're still a couple weeks out, and the buzz on this
-> spectacular marketing and business building
-> extravaganza is rising to a fever pitch.

Fever Pitch!
Then how come there are still 44 places left with only a couple of weeks to go..

-> Everyone's talking about the lineup of speakers....the
-> tremendous workshops...the first ever Maven Builder
-> Bootcamp...the fabulous Disney location...
-> And that's all very cool. But one thing still bugs me.
-> I was just scanning through the list of attendees
-> today, and I didn't see your name. And frankly, I'm
-> scratching my head.

Like this guy would really know me from "Adam", we've never met, talked or even swapped emails..

-> Because you probably already know how much we
-> overdeliver on our products, right?
-> And you know the tremendous profit-building power we
-> instill into each and every one of our offerings,
-> right?
-> And most of all, you know that our products WORK--plain
-> and simple--right?
-> So why aren't you coming?

why am I not attending?
I live across the pond, it's a long way to come

it goes on at some length after that, but I just couldn't be 4rsed to read the rest, it's not only quite obviously a "broadcast" email, but it doesn't even have my name at the start to make some attempt at personalizing it, and it's so "OTT" (over the top) it just put me off, even though I know that it would probably be worth attending if it was a tad more "local" to me.

It's also quite ironic that there is almost zero real "information" in the promotion, when it comes from someome who has built their reputaion on giving great value away for free to build a good relationship with his "customers"..

One comment on “Overhyped Marketing”

  1. Hey Matt... you've hit on a great idea here... If we could take all the emails we get everyday from all the "gurus" and put them into one big blog... it would be an excellent lesson I believe in what not to do!

    Trouble is I got over 3600 emails from IM gurus in the past year - yep, over 100 a day - so it'd be a very big blog! Wonder if there's a way I could automate it? Oh hell yeah - I could set up an automatic forward by email it to my blog! That'll do it!

    All I need is a script to remove the names and URLs to prevent litigation...

    I'll now remove my tongue from my cheek too 😉

    Stephen Spry

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