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Is Internet Marketing Bad For Your Health?

one of the best things I ever did for my internet business was visit a marketing event.

it was run by Robert Puddy, who's doing another one in the US in Oct (LFMpires Workshop US), and it made a massive difference to my online business!

I admit, I wasn't looking forward to going and having to do all that "networking" stuff, mostly because that always sounds to me like standing around in a room full of people you don't know, trying to start up a random conversation, not exactly easy or pleasant, unless of course you're a bit of an extrovert! 🙂

as it happens, all my "networking" ended up being done either in the bar, or outside having a smoke, so starting conversations wasn't forced, it just happened naturally.

And of course the plentiful flow of Guiness helped! 😉

In fact it was while I was outside having a smoke (that's the unhealthy bit) that I met (and made friends with) many of my best joint venture partners, well known and very succesful marketers like (in no particular order): -

Soren Jordansen
Simon Hodgkinson
Tahir Shah
Randolf Smith
Chris Freville
JP Schoeffel
John Delavera
Robert Puddy
Terry Telford
Ian Rollinson
Tim Brocklehurst
Tina Lindgren
Pete Lauder
Paul Kinder
Richard Butler
Scott Paton
Jeremy Gislason
and Alex Jeffries, who was a newbie at the time!

[I know I'll have missed someone off, so apologies right now!]

I should note that whilst I met all those mentioned above that weekend, not all of them were smoking!

in fact, on the first night at that seminar, most of the non-smokers ended up joining all us smokers outside!

so it turns out that while smoking and drinking are undoubtably bad for your health, they can actually be good for your business! lol

would my internet business be as successful as it is today if I hadn't got up off my backside and gone to that event?

Maybe, but I know for certain it wouldn't have been as easy for me to be successful without the help of all those good friends (and JV partners)!

and here's a bit of proof, just one single mailing from just one of those guys mentioned above a couple of days after the event more than paid for the whole weekend for me, including the bar bill!
(thanks again Ian!)

in fact Robert Puddy's weekend wasn't actually the first internet marketing related "event" that I went to, the very first was a training weekend in the US for some software tools I bought back in 2005, and that was a pretty cool weekend too, you might even recognise the names of a few of the people I met on that one: -

Ryan Diess
Keith Baxter
Jerry West
Dave Moore
Dave Kelly

I also met 3 other brit marketers who eneded up being good friends to this day, so I guess I better give Gary Prendergast, Mike SPencer and Rich Daniels a mention as well, so they don't tell me off! 😉

so are you starting to "get it"?

going to these internet marketing events is pretty damned important, it can have a massive effect on just how successful your business is, and how quickly you "get there"...

now obviously I wouldn't be a marketer is I wasn't also leading up to something, right...?

so here's how you can get started, if you haven't already.

1st up - LFMPires Workshop Notes Free Report

A great guy called Alex Poole, who I met at the LFMpires workshop in the UK earlier this year, in fact he ended up giving me a lift home (thanks again Alex!), spent the weekend writing up massive amoutns of notes of all the best info given out by the speakers, and for some daft reason he's giving this wicked report away for free!!

I've gotta admit, I'm very happy he wrote the report, as usual I spent a little too much time in the bar, and missed some top notch info, so Alex's report broguth me back up to speed!

you can grab Alex's report here: -

IM Success Notes Free Report

2nd - UK Event this weekend (25th - 27th September)

Mark Anastasi has put together a pretty damn impressive list of speakers for an event at Earls court in London, including: -

Armand Morin
Shawn Casey
Brett McFall
Kirt Christensen
John Jonas
Alex Goad
Mark Vurnum
Reed Floren
Amit Mehta
Alex Goad
Jeff Dedrick

Mark's set me up with 20 free tickets to give away, so if you can get there, go grab a ticket now: -

and of course you know where to find me for a beer, if I'm not in the seminar, just find the bearest bar! 🙂

3rd - US Event in Baltimore (October 16th - 18th)

Robert Puddy's throwing one of his excellent LFMPire Workshops in Baltimore in the US, so if you're "over the pond", you're not going to miss out!

he's got the usual top notch crowd on board: -

Donna Fox
Soren Jordansen
Dave Lakhani
Jennie Armato
and of course Robert Puddy himself
and it wouldn't surprise me if he throws in a surprise guest speaker or two at the last moment, knowing Bob! 😉

you can go grab your ticket for this one here: -

LFMPires Workshop Baltimore US

unfortunately they're not free, but they are dirt cheap!

oh, and once you've signed up, make sure you grab Bob's wicked guide for attending seminars, it's probably worth the cost of the ticket on it's own...

4th - my top tips for going to a seminar..?

I should probably do a separate blog post for that sometime, but here's a couple of important one's: -

  1. take a camera, and don't be shy to ask for a photo, although don't be too pushy either
  2. make sure you've got a laptop (and charger) or big notebook for taking as much notes as you can.
  3. take some business cards, even if they're the one's you print yourself, you need to have something to give possibly new JV partners with your contact details on!
  4. if you can, stay in the hotel where the seminar is, it'll be easier to hang out and meet people in the evenings.
  5. take some hangover pills if you're gonna drink, and do try to make it for breakfast and the early seminars, although that's possibly a "Do what I say, not what I do" thing... 🙂
  6. if you do end up at the bar, make sure you know your limits, no point in getting blasted and spoiling all the good networking you have done... 😉

5th, and last - a few pics from previous events...

a team shot from the Coventry BritPack 2007 event: -

and another from the LFMpires Workshop earlier this year: -

and I hope to see you at an internet marketing event soon!

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