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How to build an online income quickly

A couple of days ago someone asked me whether it would be possible to SENuke X to create an online income without having your own website or blog...

I admit my first thought was along the lines of "Why would you want to...", but I guess that's because I do have my own websites and blogs so it's natural for me to think of using the tool in this way.

I gave it a bit more thought and came up with an idea which I think you could easily use to create a fairly decent income in a short period of time just using SENuke and one other site, which I've mentioned a few times recently - Fiverr.com

The idea is really simple, you use SENuke to offer other people the services that the system provides, all at $5 a pop, and all very quick and easy for you to do as the system automates all these tasks!

So you could offer to set up profiles on: -

~ 29 Social Networking sites
~ 72 article directories
~ 26 Press Release Sites
~ 20 Video Sites
~ 22 Social Bookmarking Sites
~ 5 RSS Directories
~ 62 Web 2.0 sites

You can then offer seperate "jobs" to submit to those as "groups", so for example you offer to: -
~ submit their video to 20+ video sites
~ submit their link or site to 29 Social Networking sites
~ submit their articles to 72+ article directoris
~ submit their press release to 26+ Press Release sites
etc. etc.

you get the idea right?

you're basically levergaing your investment in the SENuke tool to offer the servies to other people, and using the tool to automate the work for you!

there's no reason why you couldn't be up and running doing at least 10-20 of these jobs within 24 hours, which would give you an online income of $50 to $100 per DAY!

it really is a simple plan, but hopefully you can also see just how powerful it is, that $100 a day turns in to $2,000 a month if you're only doing it 5 days a week, and the jobs themselves shouldn't take more than an hour a day TOPS!, as the system automates the process, you've just gotta pop the relevant info in to a new project.

ok, so here's the link for the SENuke tool itself: -  SENuke X

Note: the price onthis goes up at the end of tomorrow, so you need to get in quick!

and here's the previous video/blog post I made showing how easy it is to create all those profiles using the system: -

Automatically Create Social Profiles

and here's a new one I've just finished on how to do RSS directory submissions with it: -

Automated RSS Submission

and I'll have another one for you tomorrow on how to use it for Video Submissions.

AND you may also want to check out the cheap ebook on using Fiverr here: -

Fiverr Ebook

as well as the video tutorials here: -

Outsourcing with Fiverr

wow, ok, sorry that's quite a lot, but as the price of SENuke is going up tomorrow I wanted to give you as much info as I can to help you make the decision, I hope this helps!

here's the link again: -

SENuke X

[this post: https://mattgarrett.com/quick-online-income-plan/]


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