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I can't believe I haven't made a post to this blog since the start of the month!

It shows what can happen when we get some sunny weather here in the UK!

I know us Brits are supposed to be "obsessed" with the weather, but that's because a lot of the time it does rain or get "cloudy", so when we have a week or so of summer weather in May we tend to want to enjoy it, just in case it's the only summer we get...

That may sound negative, but you have to remember that last summer I had to leave my home for several weeks because the flooding was so bad there was no power or fresh water, that was a serious exception to the norm, but we don't have great summers here that often, so when it feels like summer, we have to rush out and enjoy it while it's there...

And the weather isn't the only factor in my lazy lack of posting, having also just moved to a far better part of town, in walking distance of all the best pubs, I seem to have re-discovered having a "life" outside the internet. 🙂

and I have to admit I'm not even going to make this blog post particularly intersting, let alone "groundbreaking"! :wink:

Instead I'm going to tell you a little bit about the history of this domain name, ""

Until I turned this in to one of my "main" blogs a month or so ago, this was pretty much a "dead" domain name.

Let me explain a little more.. was the first domain name I ever registered, about 9 years ago, and back then registering a domain wasn't quite so cheap as it is now, cost me over £250 ($500+)!

In fact when I registered the domain there were far more valuable domain names available, including domains names that have sold for $millions since, so I guess it's a sign of my own "hubris" that I registered this domain when I could have registered something with a very high "retail"/"resale" value...

or perhaps I just have a lot of belief in myself... :roll:

So why didn't I use this domain more?

Well, back in 2000/2001 I did, but even back then when I was first learning about "SEO", I was experimenting with the "blackhat" side of things, and for a while the site did very well, it got up to PR6 at one point and then was hit with a PR0 before (back in 2004) people were even talking about Google Penalizing sites for bad liking practices...

I did spend some time on the site correcting what I believed Google were penalizing the site for, but back then there was no "re-inclusion" proceedure, so I shot off a few emails to the big G with the typical result, no-reply, so I stopped updating the site, getting links to it, or doing any work on it for several years.

and then about 6 months ago the domain suddenly got some "google love" again, the PR was back and it was back in the index, after 3+ years of being "shunned".

I hadn't changed anything on the site itself, so I've no idea why google decided to pay attention to the site again, but once I realised they were I decided to do the natural thing (for me), set it up as a blog and start blogging...

has it worked?

check for yourself, do a search on Matt Garrett, with or without "'s and this is the site you will find at no. 1, at present anyway..

so what's the moral of this post?

a. I'm self obsessed plonker who could have registered a valuable domain like "", but chose to register my own name instead... :oops:

b. who knows what the frack google are going to do to your site

c. blogs are good!

d. taking time out fromn blogging to enjoy the sun when it is shining is a good thing to do.

Matt Garrett


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