Are One Time Offers Bad For Business?

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If you've been in the Internet Marketing (IM) market for any length of time you'll be familiar with the principle of a "One Time Offer" (OTO), where after signing up for a free offer (or a paid product) you will be be given a "special offer" for a product or service, usually at a discounted price, but will only get that price if you take the offer right then.

It's a fairly standard marketing approach for professional online marketers (big and small) to make such an offer and can be very effective.

However, it can also cause confusion and irritation if people are not expecting it or haven't come across it before, I recently recieved a support ticket accusing me of being a "con merchant" because of it...

I use AdSwaps as part of my list building process and it works very well, adding over 2,000 new subscribers to my newsletter in the last 24 days for example.

After signing up for my free offer the visitor will be sent to a OTO page, as well as being sent an email with a optin confirmation link in it (for "double optin" to comply with the "Can Spam Act" rules).

Only once they have clicked on the link in that confirmation email they will then get sent the download link for the free offer/report, as the "free report" is being offered on the basis that they sign up for my newsletter.

But, if someone is not familiar with this practice they can end up looking at a OTO page where there are no free download links and they're being asked to pay for something...

This can obviously cause a feeling of having been "conned" by a free offer that they're not going to get, even though it's already on the way to them via email.

for most of my AdSwaps I make sure that people are sent to a "email confirmation instructions" page first so that they know what to expect, they are then sent to the OTO page when they click on the confirmation link in the email.

but I've recently set up my OTO on the PayDotCOm affiliate program so that I can offer my adswap partners a commission, however this means I have to leave out the confirmation page and this has resulted in me receiving a LOT more support tickets and emails about this.

When I say "a LOT", it's still only around 5-10 people out of close to 10,000 emailed (which is around 0.1%), so it's not a huge number, but it is higher than I am used to seeing or wish to see.

To be fair the problem seems to have been made far worse over the last week or so as the autoresponder service I use (aweber) has had some real problems getting the confirmation emails sent out, with delays of over 12 hours last week, and the same again yesterday.

I have over 100 optins that are showing as unconfirmed from yesterday and from the support tickets I've received it seems to be simply because they still haven't received the confirmation email, nit a good situation.

In fact, these problems, combined with AWeber's recent SIGNIFICANT price rise have promoted me to look at alternatives to aweber, but I'll save that for another post, once I've had chance to test out the best.

So what's the solution?

1. Make a post like this and send it to my list to help people understand how an OTO works and that they are not being "conned".

2. use a different affiliate pogram for my adswap OTO affiliate program that will allow me to put the "confirmation" page back in so people know the download link will be received via follow up email

3. mention the OTO process to people in the adswap emails that I send out so that it's not unexpected

guess i've got some work to do to get all that done...

51 comments on “Are One Time Offers Bad For Business?”

  1. 💡
    Hi Matt, that AWeber problem is nothing new. I tried several autoresponder, some with combined aff. etc. Running now with getresponse, all the time good response for a question and another awesome benefit, PM me and I'll tell you.

    1. Hi Holger,
      I'm familiar with GetResponse, it's one of the top 3 autoresponders in the market, along with Aweber and EmailAces, but I'm trying out a new one that's not even been launched yet that looks like it's going to be serious competition for all three...
      Matt Garrett

  2. 😆 I can just picture that. I remember my own confusion the first time I signed up for a free offer. At least it's a very small percentage of people but none at all would always be a preferred result. Something for the rest of us to be careful about.
    Look forward to seeing how you get on with the autoresponders. I use TrafficWave, which has been great, but obviously not with anything like the amount of traffic you're handling.
    Just like to add a thanks for your newsletter. It's one of the few I get that I actually read and keep rather than glancing and deleting. 😉

    1. Hi Louise,
      thanks for the kind comments, I do appreciate them!
      the confusion that an "OTO" can cause a "newbie" is why I thought I'd write this post and let my subscribers know about it, partly so they know what an "OTO" is, and partly to get some feedback on them.
      I'm not going to stop using OTO's, as they do work, the BlogTactics one alone has added an extra $1,500+ to my profits for this month already, but I need to try and make sure they don't cause new subscribers to get a bad opinion of me before they even get on my newsletter.
      It may only be a very small percentage, but I'd like to reduce that figure to as close to zero as possible.
      Matt Garrett

      1. Count me among those highly irritated by OTO's! I've bought a lot of stuff from several of the IM Guru's trying to learn how to build my web site. When they started OTO'ing me, I dropped them like a hot potatoe. I know I'm among those 'very few' in number.... but, I won't be moving over to the 'oh, it's not so irritating' crowd. And, I would never even consider using such a tactic on my web site or blog! People really respond beautifully to my 'straight from the shoulder' sales approach---teaching them about e'mini's and how to trade them.
        Mel Hardman

  3. 🙄 Hey Matt,
    Don't be too hard on them, Its not their fault. Nobody
    warned them ! You have to admit Matt, some of the oto's are a bit
    decieving even if they are honest and straightforward folks like the rest
    of us Internet Marketers. :mrgreen: Keep up the great work Matt,
    "The Leprechaun"

    1. Hi Tim,
      I totally agree, it's not their fault, and I don't take offense when I get an angry support ticket becauseof it.
      I simply reply trying to explain the process so that the person understands what's going on, and that they will get their free report.
      Matt Garrett

  4. Matt,
    Even though I can totally understand how any newbie could misunderstand an OTO I would not stop doing what your doing. I agree with the previous comments that all I would do is take the time to explain to that particular person what an OTO is and that he/she will be getting their free report.
    I have been following your articles/blogs that you put out for awhile now and I can honestly say that you are one of the few Internet Marketers who I can state is not a con-man of any kind.
    Keep up the good work as you are helping many people on the internet myself included.
    Richard Tunison (Just A Regular Guy)

  5. I am on the side of the newbies on this one. I am offended by the OTO's because they are totally dishonest.
    Although these offers state they are one time offers, all it takes to get them is to subscribe again with a different email and presto that OTO is still there, smelling as stale as a fresh fish from maine! ( which takes a couple of days to get here to southern arizona) 😆
    I'm sure this works otherwise you wouldn't use it, but it is still offensive to me.

    1. Hi Joe,
      I think you'll find that a lot of OTO's are actually backed up by a cookie/ip based script to make sure it really is just a one time deal.
      I'll admit mine isn't as I don't have such a script to use with it, although I may well add one at some point, but then I don't believe that anyone who doesn't buy then and there would ever bother/remember to come back, let along go through the rigmoral of unsubcribing and then re-subscribing just to get the offer again... imho.

      I'm sorry you find it offensive, but you're going to come across it alot on the internet, so be prepared....
      then again, it's not exactly uncommon in "offline" advertising and TV.
      I guess as an ex-salesman and marketing director I've developed a thick skin over the years.

      and at the end of the day, I believe it really depends on whether the offer is actually a good one.
      Matt Garrett

    2. I agree with you on the statement that OTO's can be misleading. And also when they say only 2000 products will be sold and then the promotional offer is withdrawn, and you go back 3 months later and the "onlyd 2000 products wil be sold" is still running. That is the sort of thing that gives internet marketing a bad rap. The only way we can make it better is to be as ethical and honest as it is possible to be. And when you say something, deliver.

    1. DOH!
      Thanks Derrick!!
      Can't believe I didn't think of that myself, seen itenough times on other OTO pages...
      Just updated the offer page to inclue that at the top, with a link for whitelisting instructions as well.
      thanks again. 🙂
      Matt Garrett

  6. Matt:
    I understand your situation as explained, however, my trail of events seems to be even different than what others were experiencing. I filled out the original informaiton requested and clicked on "send the information" and was immediately sent to the OTO page which was not identified (as most are) as being an OTO. I never received an email to confirm my request for information and have still not received the email expedted giving me the download links for the free information. Understand your problem with your service am empathetic. Wanted you to hear my predicament and ask that you forward me the link seperately as it does not seem to be forthcoming from your "Problem" service considering time elapsed.
    Look forward to your email back.
    Bob Leeper

    1. Hi Bob,
      yup, you're one of90 odd people who seem to have not received their otpin confirmation email from AWeber who've been having problems. they claim that they'veallbee delivered now,but it seems not...
      you can try opting in again, it should re-send the confirmation email for you: -
      and please accept my spologies for this.
      Matt Garrett

  7. Nice Post Matt,

    Moved on from Aweber after they refused to work towards help with integrating with my payment processing system and of course their new price structure.

    Getresponse is doing a great job for me now. I hope you'll let us know more about the one you're trying out.

    I've come to expect OTOs on every purchase and before I click that button I make sure I have some extra cash should the OTO be a great one. They sure make one spend more 😥



    1. Hi William,
      I've heard good things about GetResponse, and it certainly seem to be one of the "current" top 3 autoresponders used by the majority of marketers, along with AWeber and Email Aces.
      I'm hoping that the new one I'm testing out will give them all some competition, partly as I know the guys behind it, and party as what I've seen so far makes it very easy to use and cheap enough to be ideal for people just starting their list building efforts.
      Matt Garrett
      p.s. yup, I will be doing a post about it as soon as I'm happy it is as good as my first impressions...

  8. Hi Matt,

    I would like to know more about this new auto responder, and what kind of results you get. I was always under the impression that Aweber was the best, because just about all the top marketers that I receive mail from use it. But lately they have been having quite a few problems. A couple of weeks ago all my java script opt-in boxes disappeared for about 4 hours, just imagine all the people who had PPC campaigns going, and did not know about it, so they could pause them.

    The least they could do, is have some system set up to make their customers aware of such emergencies, so we could act accordingly.

    Now, you mention a price increase...sounds like the price is rising , as the the quality of service is sinking, not a good sign at all. I guess every business has it challenges, but when you are the life's blood of someone's business (IM) you really can't be dropping the ball as much, as they have lately.
    I would really like to know what you think about this new company...keep us posted, and thanks for all the great content.

    Thanks! 🙂


    1. Hi Scott,
      yup, it's all of the recent problems with AWeber that prompted meto take another look at the alternatives, it's just fortunate coincidence that I've come across a new alternative that looks like it could be the real deal.

      I also use the java include for most of my optins, but it recently came to my attention that some people using firefox with certain plugins won't get to see the optin box as it's being blocked by the firefox plugin, can'tremember which one off hand.

      To remedy this I've added a link below any Java optins saying "click here if you can't see the optin box" that then takes them to a good old html optin, you can see an example here: -

      The price increase at AWeber came in a couple of months ago, I'm just fortunate enough to have been with them long enough that I'm "grandfathered" in at the oldpricing structure, but that doesn't help newbies who are just starting out with list building...

      As so many people seem to be interested already, here's a link for the new one I'm testing-

      I'm planning on transferring an existing list of 1,200 across to it next week to test it out, as soon as I get caught up from this weekends seminar. 🙂
      Matt Garrett

      1. Hi Matt,

        I believe you are referring to the "No Script" FireFox plugin, does block the java script, unless the visitor allows it, but most won't.

        I use inline opt-in boxes just for that reason...I only use java on blogspot blogs because the inline opt-in box html does look very good for some reason.

        I heard that 6-8% of internet visitors use some form of script blocker must be all the FF users...LOL

        Scott 🙂

        1. Hi Scott,
          yup, that sounds like the one.
          I still like to use the java optin as it allows me to test out the conversion ration for different pages and forms, which you can't do with the standard html one.

    2. FYI. AWeber actually raised there prices last month, but I am grandfathered in as I prepaid 2 years in advance. The glitch they had the other day actually didn't affect any of the emails, PPC campaigns, or anything else, according to AWeber support. It only affected your viewing of your account.

      I am trying a new service myself that is much more cost effective for new subscribers than Aweber will be. Hopefully it will be a great alternative to offer my list and save them a few bucks.

      As for OTO's - Most of the time what is being offered is either something I already own, so I ignore it, or something that is so way over priced, I still ignore it. It isn't very often that I actually see something that I think will be a benefit to pass on to my subscribers.

      June 😎

      1. Hi June,
        not sure how AWeber support can claim that the "glitch" didn't actually effect anything other than the "view" of an account, if that was the case then I wouldn't have received so many support tickets and emails, or still have such a huge unconfirmed optin % for the day.
        It would be good to have a few good alternatives to look at, I think AWeber seem to be going in the wrong direction at the moment.

  9. Hey Matt,
    You are pretty much the only Internet Marketer I trust, largely cos you are up front and tell it like it is (and I've compared you to a zillion others). More importantly, you always answer my emails in detail and in quick time and like a joke or two-though your spelling and proofreading skills sometimes leave a lot to be desired!. 😉
    Yes, OTO's can be annoying, but they are all part of the internet marketing game. Even newbies have got to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff to a large extent. Besides, it's all part of the learning curve.

    1. Hi Michael,
      thanks, I appreciate your faith in me! 🙂
      I know I probably should get someone to help me out with support email, but I still like making myself available to my subscribers personally, even though it can take quite a chunk out of my day, but I still think it's a great way to keep myself on track and make sure I know that I'm doing the right thing for my subscribers.
      yup, I do tend to hit "send" before checking my spelling, and my space bar is a bit dodgy, so sometimes words end up running together a bit, must get myself a new keyboard.. 😆
      you're also spot on that OTO's can be useful for learning what's popular and selling well, what makes a good offer and what doesn't.
      that's a great example of "reframing" something to a positive that you can get an advantage from!
      Matt Garrett

  10. I'd have to go with option #2-get that confirmation page back into the process. That seems to be the one that would be most beneficial for both you and the visitor.

    AWeber has been having it's fair share of problems lately. Site is down more than ever before...and several times I've been in the middle of composing a broadcast message when something happened with their systems and my whole message was lost. I have my own e-mail address on every one of my lists so I know when messages are being delivered. A 12 hour delay is WAY TOO LONG...
    hopefully AWeber will get things straightened out soon.

    Good luck Matt,

    1. Hi Jane,
      I need to get the OTO affiliate program off PayDotCom and on to my own affiliate program first, I've got iDevAffiliate setup, just need to find the time to bring my products across, but need to finish off my product first, as I've got abunch of people waiting for it.. 🙂
      I'm also subscibed to all my own lists, but that doesn't necessarily let you knwo when aweber are messing up delivering the optin confirmation emails.
      By the looks of it their problems have cost me around 170+ (at least) new subscribers over the last couple of weeks, which I'm not particulalry happy about...
      Matt Garrett

  11. Not quite sure if this is the same kind of thing; but what I find very reassuring to see at the top of an OTO is something like "your free download link is at the bottom of the page". If the page is done well, I still look at the offer. But if I don't see a note like that, I tend either to begin to wonder about the guy, or to jump to an instant dislike and reckon he's just plain greedy. Same as a con man I guess!

    I signed up for something today and aweber have taken about 8 hours to deliver. Not good.

    I would be very wary of any new (unknown) AR service. If they don't perform it would be murder trying to move lists to another service. I believe you have to ask everyone to optin again, and the attrition rate is about 30% (unless it's a super duper list I suppose).

  12. Hi Lyn,
    I've gone with Derrick's suggestion (posted further up the page) to add a note at the top of the page explaining that there is a confirmation email on the way to them, as it seems the best option to me.
    I'm testing the new service partly because it seems like it could be an excellent (and cheaper) alternative to AWeber for people just starting their list building.
    The list I'm planning on transferring is not a "fresh" new one, so I'm happy to go through the confirmed optin process and the inevitible "attrition" as it will remove any people from the list who aren't active anymore.
    Matt Garrett

  13. Hey Matt! Long time no see!

    Good article, by the way! But as far as your OTO concerns, and getting people to confirm their email...I learned a little trick that's been working like gangbusters for me...

    I let the person sign up for my free offer. Then, they're taken to the OTO.

    Regardless of whether they pay for it or not, they're taken straight to the download page, and they don't have to confirm their email to download the product. This leads to instant gratification.


    I throw in a curveball...

    I tell them on the download page...that I'll throw them a whole slew of bonuses if and only if they confirm their email.

    Once they do confirm, my autoresponder sends them the first message, which contains links to all of the bonuses I promised them for confirming.

    This way, you get leads who are satisfied bc they instantly got their freebie right away, AND you'll get a ton of them confirming just to get MORE cool free stuff.

    Hey, it works for with every ad swap campaign I do with a OTO, I rarely get people who don't confirm their email address. I might get an occasional lazy guy, but even at that...I don't care...because my free offer usually has some really pertinent and relevant affiliate links that create a win-win situation for the both of us.

    Just some food for thought...


  14. Thanks for writing about this. You know the OTO isn't anything new from what we see in stores everyday. lol (somewhat...) I went to a photo shop the other day and I made arrangements to take pictures. I was just signing up. I would pay after the pics were taken the following week. Then I was presented with an OTO. lol The manager said, "Hey Pal, We're having a special. I'm giving away one of our 8 X 10 Picture Frames for only $19.99. We normally sell this for $39.00 ($39.00 value. lol), but today we are giving you a special discount. Then I said, "I'll pay for it when I take my pics. that doesn't sound bad.." And he said, " Oh well, this is for today only. I'll give you a special ticket to present when you come back. You can't lose it or you wont get the discount. It has your special code on their" Long story short... I bought it, because I needed that size. lol Actually it was bigger than 8 X 10..I forget, but it reminded me so much of the OTO on the internet. So many stores use this Upselling strategy. I don't think people should get upset about it. Its very legitamate. They have the option to say Yes Or No. These are grown men and women making these purchases, not children. Its the old..."Take It Or Leave It" deal! lol Just my 2 cents... Great Blog!

  15. hi matt , i'm a newbie when it comes to being active but been searching and collecting for almost 3 years now and on one occasion you replied to me quicly, so thanks again. Have you tried ultimateMarketingCenter? Was recommended to me by another marketer and their package looks pretty good to me so i subscribed fro a road test if i might put it this way, What's your take on it? Thanks again

  16. Hello Matt!
    I have only discovered you very recently but I am very impressed with your openness and transparency and generosity and helpfulness. So I have joined your email lists at a time when I am unsubscribibg en masse from the lists of IM 'Gurus' and their JV's and Affiliates.
    Thanks for the tip about the Wizard Autoresponder. As a RECEIVER of emails and optingin etc I have been seriously unimpressed by Aweber for some time and have been very curious as to why so many big-name marketters use them. I have been looking for an alternative.
    As for OTO's: I DETEST them!!!!! And I will refuse to use them in my business.
    I no longer even bother to read them. What IM's seem to fail to understand is that for VERY many reasons that I can not go into now [it is 3:39 AM here in Australia] OTO's ALIENATE a certain proportion of potential customers who are lost for LIFE to that marketter! If one feels one MUST create some artificial
    scarcity to increase the 'prospects' distress and attempt to create panic-buying [which I will not be doing] LTO's [and other alternatives] are a much
    option. Sorry I don't have the time or the brainpower to go into more detail now...
    Keep up the good work Matt! You are very refreshing alternative to most of the IM's I am familiar with.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      thanks for your kind comments!
      I try to be as open and sharing as I can.
      A lot of marketers use AWeber simply due to their claim of 97%+ deliverability, i.e. their ability to get the emails sent actually in to the persons inbox.
      There will always be some people who are put off by OTO offers, the problem is that, just like junk mail (that well all hate), they work.
      To not use OTO's can easily lose you ~30% of your potential profits...

  17. I'm not crazy about OTOs, but understand that they're effective. Sometimes for me it's a matter of what I want my overall "user experience" at the site to be, but that really depends on the site and the market.

    Anyhow, there are better "user experience" and worse "user experience" ways to handle OTOs which is most effective conversion-wise I couldn't say - but then has anyone ALSO measured long-term customer profitability based on using OTOs and NOT using them. Probably not.

    Anyhow. Here are some different ways OTOs are done by some pretty well known marketers:

    1. Wes Blaylock always offers an OTO AFTER the confirmation.
    2. I'm blanking on this particular marketer - but he always has the "No Thanks" link BEFORE the OTO. I want to say it's Mark Hendricks, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
    3. Then there's the typical "you've gotta hunt for the "No Thanks" type of OTO, along with the ol' downsell and hunt-again for the OTO again.

    And as mentioned before there are plenty of examples similar to OTOs in the non-IM world and offline world. does one EVERY time after you buy your tickets. Tons of "free seminars" do them.

    As far as Aweber goes, so far I can't fault the quality of the actual product still having used it for years - although as noted there have been a couple worrisome issues recently - but customer support seems to have diminished in quality recently...a wacky/hilarious conversation a friend of mine had with Aweber is still showing up #3 for "Aweber Support" in Google. LOL. I was surprised they never commented on it.

  18. May i know how effective of using OTO? What software you will recommend for OTO? free or paid? How to select products for OTO? How many products is ideal for OTO? Pricing? I founf that some of the internet marketers offer OTO up to 3 times, higher price to lowest! Is it ok? Irritative? Any suggestion?


    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

    1. Hi Bryan,
      you can use the same payment processor as your regular products for an OTO. It's best to choose product(s) that are a close match to the original offer, as that will more likely be of interest to the visitor.

  19. Matt,

    Why not state at the top of the OTO (i.e. in a prominent position) that the link t the gift is at the foot of the page. That way the visitor isn't uncertain of the availability of the free product, yet still faces the dilemma of whether or not to purchase the OTO.

    With or without a conversion, the visitor has no doubts about your integrity, and is more likely to take the trouble to read your OTO sales letter. I think the key thing here is to apply the pressure in the right place: the visitor feels comfortable, no longer having to search for the gift, and is more likely to devote some time (and by extension, concentration) to your sales letter.

    If they then go straight to the 'No thanks, I'll take the free download' link, they can complete the double-optin process from there while being told that they no longer need to confirm using the link in the email. They are then sent an email to say that they've opted in at the site. After that you can make them a revised offer, or give them another shot at the original OTO.

    This post will eventually appear on my blog, , which is awaiting a new home while I change hosting companies.

    Anthony Harris

    1. Hi Anthony,
      hmm, how would they be able to confirm their optin from the download page?
      As far as I'm aware the only way they can confirm the optin is by clicking on the link in the email sent from AWeber...

  20. Hey Mate
    Thanks for the heads up and the feed back from everyone Have a great time at the seminar.

    Al Kirke
    ps i don't think marketers work hard enough on their OTO as they do on their Front End offers .
    OTO's should compliment the original offer(also visually and from a copy stand point) and have true value itself so that the client goes WOW THANKS .not AHH! 😯
    Also be responsible for the pyschology of the process eg Client in a open buying loop everyone trying to stuff as much in as they can or not even closing it with their copy and wondering why they get refunds and a yucky feeling in the Market Place. 💡

    1. Hi Al,
      The seminar was pretty good, although I spent more time outside chatting with JV partners than in the presentations, that's just me. 🙂
      I'm actually working on addign a much more targetted OTO at the moment, as while the one I have is popular, I think I can make it even more so.

  21. Hi Matt
    As an almost newbie (started i/m marketing after attending TIm Brocklehurst's Viral Spiral Freedom Class in June - highly recommended, and thanks for all you ongoing help with that), I have got my head around OTOs I think. And while I know it's all part of the game, I don't really like them. Too foten the are not genuinely one time, and they pop up again and again!

    But the thing that really annoys me is when I am on a list, and the marketer sends me a link to some new free thing they have produced. In order to get said freebie I have to supply my email address. Which they already have. So suddenly I am inundated with identical messages from, say, Mike Filsaime, coming to the same email address. I can't yet decide whether this is me missing something, or whether these systems just don't recognise identical names/addresses!

    Now I'd love to know how people deal with that one.


    1. Hi Jane,
      when you get on to multiple version of a marketers list you can end up with multiple emails simply because they may use multiple systems to send out their emails.
      If they are just using one single system, e.g. aweber, then they should be able to ensure duplicate emails aren't sent to the same address, although if you have signed up using different email addresses they won't be able to do anything about it.

  22. Hi Matt
    Dean Holland here ( met at the seminar in London some weeks back )

    Good post mate, I think its a valid point to put accross. Me personally if I look back at the OTO's I have seen before they dont always end up as an oto. For example I have seen them before when joining a free membership for something, then it ends up that the offer is in the members area anyway ! lol

    Oh well, suppose everyones marketing strategies are different... But as you say the fact is they make money and thats the bottom line really ..THEY WORK !

    Matt .. I was gunna email you this but might as well ask you here. I just got done making my first ever ebook - a Blog setup guide and wanted you to know that I have linked to a video of your within the book 🙂

    Its a free product on my blog and in less than 2 days has had over 160 downloads so you got some good traffic heading your way bro !

    A way of thanks for your help some weeks ago brother 🙂

    Speak soon


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