Are One Time Offers Bad For Business?

If you've been in the Internet Marketing (IM) market for any length of time you'll be familiar with the principle of a "One Time Offer" (OTO), where after signing up for a free offer (or a paid product) you will be be given a "special offer" for a product or service, usually at a discounted price, but will only get that price if you take the offer right then. It's a fairly standard marketing approach for professional [...]

Getting Personal With Your List

should you include personal stuff, like what's going on in your life, in your emails to your list? most marketers don't seem to, probably on the basis that they want to concentrate on the "marketing message", which I can understand and appreciate, and I do it myself on most emails, but then there are days where I just gotta share... I keep track of the click thorugh rates for all the emails I send out (yet another [...]