Unhealthy Marketing = Good Business

Is Internet Marketing Bad For Your Health? one of the best things I ever did for my internet business was visit a marketing event. it was run by Robert Puddy, who's doing another one in the US in Oct (LFMpires Workshop US), and it made a massive difference to my online business! I admit, I wasn't looking forward to going and having to do all that "networking" stuff, mostly because that always sounds to me like standing [...]

Tim Brocklehurst’s Freedom Class Workshop

Wow! What a weekend! I don't make it to many internet marketing "events", but this weekend I had the chance to help out Tim Brocklehurst with one of his TheFreedomClass workshops. The workshops are designed to get people totally up and running with their own MyViralSpiral3.com site, including a blog, their own info product and affiliate program and show them how to start getting traffic in to build their list virally. So by the end of the [...]