Private Summer Marketing Workshop

Kevin Riley's Private Summer Marketing Workshop all this sunshine has obviously gone to my head, I'd planned on letting you know about this last week, but missed it somehow, and then yestersay I noticed it had aready started... the good news is there's still time to get in and make this your best summer ever! Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with driving 8 hours to spend a weekend at the cabin/beach/woods/lake/etc. There’s definitely nothing [...]

London IM Workshop July 2009

This is a real quick update just to let you know that there's a small (aka select) Internet Marketing Workshop happening in London (UK) on Sunday 26th July and there are just a few places left if you want to get in... UK IM Workshop the workshop is being run by Kevin Brown and the main speakers will be Kevin Riley, who is a top dog when it comes to product creation, and Lee McIntyre who was [...]

Building JV Partnerships

JV Partnerships are one of the most powerful tactics for getting traffic and building your list in internet marketing, but where do you start..? If you're just beginning and don't have a list or product then that's really where you need to start. JV's are usually based on a relationship that you've built up with the prospective JV partner, but you still need to be able to offer something of value, good JV partnerships are never "one [...]